Ebay Messages Problem

Here we go again. I’m trying to sell a stick of RAM and have been in contact with a potential buyer who seems interested in buying it. They’ve been asking questions about compatability etc and I responded to their first question but they’ve sent a second one which doesn’t show up in ‘My Messages’ on the ebay.ie site and I can neither respond directly from outlook or respond to the first question they sent as I’ve “Already responded”. If I can’t give the buyer the info they want, they’ll be off. Well done ebay.

Leon the Pig Farmer

Just seen the six one news on RTE and I’m fuming. Its crazy to think that the government would recall every single bit of pork in the country despite negligible risks to consumers health even if we pigged out on pork (sorry) and at the same time help put thousands of people out of work including a processing plant just down the road from me. What a bloody waste in a time of famine and what stupidity people bringing back rashers to get a refund.

To quote Russel Brand – “The Swines”!!


AskAboutMoney.com Clubman & Brendan Burgess

Joined the AskAboutMoney.com forum to get some quick answers to a few mortgage and taxation questions and ended up getting bullied off it and banned! Apparently I am not allowed to post a question on a forum (Isn’t that what its for!?) Instead I’ve to go searching around for God knows how long.? I then had the cheek to state that I would prefer to wait for a reply than search and offence was taken by admin. If you need to use this site, make sure you don’t post and don’t engage “ClubMan” aka Brendan Burgess in any discussions! At the minute my view is that AskAboutMoney.com is run and frequented by “Stiffs” with no social skills and way too far up themselves.