LinkedIn Contacts Upload Problems

Came across the useful feature on Linkedin for uploading your exported email Contacts file when I had no joy with their Outlook Toolbar for my Outlook Express (not supported). Had a few probs though!

If you go HERE on the Linkedin site, login and upload your contacts file, eg – .csv export from Outlook Express as I did, it actually takes all your Outlook Express contacts and presents you with a list after upload which you can filter to remove those people you actually fell out with years ago and don’t want to talk to anymore!

On the filter list screen it says at the top – “These are your newly added contacts that are not yet connected to you on LinkedIn. Invite them to connect!”, so I obviously though they were all going to get emailed and asked to join Linkedin and join my network so I sent the mass email. Theres been a steady stream of people emailing me ever since asking me was this email spam or not as they had never heard of Linkedin and were certainly not a member of it!

Apparently what happened was, in the Linkedin email they made the cheeky presumption that my email contacts were ALREADY Linkedin members. The subject of the email sent was “Good to find you on LinkedIn”!! The first line reads – “I notice that you are also using LinkedIn…”! In the email footer is says this – “It is free to join…”! which suggests that they are not a member…

I don’t remember seeing this email or having a chance to modify it before it went so basically Linkedin needs to reword this email to avoid confusion, spam issues and people getting angry replies!


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