Clubman & Brendan Burgess

Joined the forum to get some quick answers to a few mortgage and taxation questions and ended up getting bullied off it and banned! Apparently I am not allowed to post a question on a forum (Isn’t that what its for!?) Instead I’ve to go searching around for God knows how long.? I then had the cheek to state that I would prefer to wait for a reply than search and offence was taken by admin. If you need to use this site, make sure you don’t post and don’t engage “ClubMan” aka Brendan Burgess in any discussions! At the minute my view is that is run and frequented by “Stiffs” with no social skills and way too far up themselves.



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58 thoughts on “ Clubman & Brendan Burgess”

  1. Oh gurrr, I hate politics because of it’s shameful corruption, but per chance, unfortunately listened into the end of RTE’s Primetime last night and was furious to hear that “P……” Brendan Burgess, tell the low income earners that they should give up the high life ie; smoking, drinking and driving. In his ‘opinion’ driving was a luxury only afforded to the well off and those who could not afford it, should stick to public transport, or get on their bike !! Easily seen he is not living in rural Ireland, I am highly insulted by his condescending thoughtless comments.I would like to see him pedaling away in all weathers our dreadful roads, long distances to get to a job. There is an Ireland outside of Dublin and urban Ireland.


  2. Just got told I would get restricted access for mention an organisation and stating that they insist on minimum pricing. I was accused of defamation by Brendan Burgess, who the refused to back up his allegations!
    I have had previous run ins with bullying tactics on the website and i’m deleting my profile. The website is more about self promotion that consumer information.


  3. The bigheaded one (burgess) banned me for using the word “crap” in regards to the terrible antivirus programs out there. I gave him plenty of things to think about, sad little fucker. Think I’ll start a thread under my new alias on “Crap cleaner… Ha Ha!!Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. I hope he filled his boots with shares and is months in arrears,horrid creep!!


  4. That disgusting rat called Brendan Burgess is an agent for the banking industry, where do you you think he gets his money from?
    The banks hired him to brainwash people into paying the mortgage even if there is no food on the table.
    I got banned too from his s==ty website for posting one of his own quotes advicing people in 2009 to ”fill your boots with bank shares”
    What he doesn’t know is that i stopped paying the f== mortgage years ago because these pricks will only do something for us when we all stop paying, its the only weapon we have.


  5. So glad I found this although I know it’s an old post. Just poured my heart out on AAM. I was looking for advise about loans. I explained that my husband recently passed away from cancer and I’m trying to raise 3 children alone with no work at the moment. It was a long detailed post. I got a private message to say my post was deleted due to offensive language. Huh?? It contained the word ‘Jesus’, that’s it. What a complete and utter tool Burgess is. No heart. No soul.

    Thanks for this blog post.


  6. I am still amazed by how your company started small and grew into a million-dollar company. Their ideas and services are just great.


  7. Another good link is where Brendan is talking-to Brian Dobson encouraging people to buy bank shares just before the banks went bust. Also on YouTube but I dontvhaveva link


  8. Could’nt agree more ! CLUBMAN is a ——-. I was going to waste my time listing all of the usual but why do that when ASSHOLE will do nicely . Little minded man with a little moderator power = Asshole .  


  9. For the most part the contributors to the site are very knowledgeable and have provided me valuable information but I hate posting on the site because of Brendan/Mods. I’ve been a lurker on the site for years and I joined under different names twice and both times I was banned within three posts. The first time was when I asked a simple investment tax questions under investments rather than tax and I got a stern warning message from Brendan as if I had made some libellous comment.

    Then in 2008 I advised someone not to buy a apartment that they thought was a bargain because it had fallen by about 50k in less than 6 months. They thought they would miss out on the deal of the century if they didn’t act.


  10. My first post on AAM, I was banned and called a spammer. I never realised many others had a similar experience.  I always thought Clubman was Burgess himself, or am I mistaken?

    I also believe many posts are written by the same person (Burgess?), using different IDs. The giveaway is the writing style of many posts is similar.


  11. Well, im not at all surprised to hear that. This guy ‘Clubman’ hovers over all the convos and expecially the newbies and if anywone sounds too sure of themselves he buts in and lets them know whos boss!  I bet this man is a midget carrying a huge chip on his shoulder


  12. Oh my God, does he not care about his reputation?? If I was in the public eye I would be a little more careful with how I treat the masses online, not acceptable behaviour really on any level really. I hate those people that insult the beejaysus out of you because they are on an online forum. He seems to be getting a terrible bad reputation. Did I see this here by the way??? lol


  13. Having a bit of experience of being banned at AAM I have looked at the tone of Clubman’s remarks and they smell very like those of
    Burgess himself. My guess is he is an alias. As the question on propertypin – On AAM it will be deleted.


  14. Having quite a bit of experience of being banned by AAM
    and looking at the tone of some of Clubman’s posts it seems
    to me highly likely that he was an alias for Mr Burgess himself.
    If you post the question on you might get an answer
    and it probably won’t be deleted


  15. Clubman hasn’t posted anything since 2009 – it’s a big secret what happened to him – if anyone knows I’d love to be told!! If you ask on askaboutmoney Brendan bans you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (que – post a few questions asking!)


  16. lol

    I’m Posting answers to his nonsense on the
    which I understand is a breakaway group like you describe.

    The site gets about 40 posts a day from a core of about 10 people.
    I have more friends in the pub to talk to than that!


  17. Jelly

    We salute you! You get the red badge of honour – walking the gauntlet of Askaboutmoney and living to tell the tale. Join the ‘mildly wounded but far better off’. I wonder should we start a support group? 😀


  18. He is getting a pasting atthe moment over his
    suggestion that they steal a pile of money from
    the depositors in the banks.

    I have been attacking him but I’m getting fed up being banned,
    setting up new accounts etc.,

    The guy is a total child!


  19. God Im glad other people have had the same experience. I put up a post with a link to breakingnews about the imf and the title of the post was asking what people thought. I seem to have broken this rule “17 Do not post links without commentary Posts containing only links may be deleted. Provide a summary of the content of the link. This will allow readers know whether to follow the link or to remain within Askaboutmoney.” when I got a warning I replied asking what I how i had broken the rules but instead of getting an explanation I got a condescending response saying if I didn’t know how I had broken the rules then maybe askaboutmoney isn’t for me. I replied saying that that was rude and tried to log on today only to find I had been banned!!!! WTF??? that clubman by the way is a little bizarre I have been on the receiving end of his wrath before and to say he’s on a power trip is the understatement of the century!!! I am raging, so unreasonable.


  20. While I agree with your assessment of Mr Burgess and his opinions, I
    feel you are being generous with the appraisal of his so called
    offerings. I’ve heard him a few times on Pat Kenny and cannot
    understand why Kenny uses him at all. I’d rate him in the “like to be heard” class. What a useless jerk.


  21. I formerly worked in financial services and is well known for poor service and half baked advice. The owner Brendan Burgess is a journalist with his own agendas and has butted heads with many companies. This is reflected in the site which he uses to promote his own stories.

    The site itself is littered with amateur opinions, and some very poor advice is given with the best of intentions. Most of its just noise but unfortunately I have met people who have been foolish enough to act on recommendations they have seen on such forums.

    Anyone can post and claim expertise and you have no idea what depth of knowledge they have if any. Place money matters in the hands of amateur enthusiasts, where a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. It is not that all what is posted is bad, but you have no way of filtering out the nonsense form the worthwhile. Free advice is usually not much good unfortunately and professional do no post on free forums, why give away your work/ advice for free, would you?


  22. Some people from this thread will I’m sure enjoy Brendan being quizzed by Pat Kenny about his forum’s stance on property – it seems that Brendan’s current stint as a advisor on the PK show must have outraged enough listeners for Pat to take notice:


  23. Last month I was banned for life for the third time. But I still will go back on. Different @address and IP. The mods, for the greater part, have problems with anyone who calls their bluff. Brendan is delusional but he has chosen wisely his coterie of brown noses. Could Mario Rosenstock not write a “Brendan might lose his house” song?


  24. hello everybody.
    i was banned today for raising the question who should run faster out of the country to get out of this recession.Because of this to me is clear this webpage is well organised to serve certain interests and so as not to remind a “less conventional” approach as how to deal with the delicate issue of mortgages and the potential solution of running out of the country.


    Here is an interesting article above humorous if you read it and then watch ol Brendan Burgess in the clip below.

    Irish banks are very safe not at all open to the exposure of the American banks ay Brendan I just hope you took your own advice and “filled your shoes” with bank shares.
    I can’t believe that the regulators let you promote and give advice to others about financial markets and products you know absolutely nothing about. If you were taking money for your advice I’m sure the regulators would have had no problem looking at you by now!


  26. I’ve just been banned for life for having an ‘offensive name’ – What was the awful and offending name you ask? Fartworthy. Terrifyingly offending isn’t it.

    They are indeed a sad bunch of bankers.


  27. It’s amazing that the guy can dish out all the criticism about other companies he knows nothing about and is not qualified to give advice on, near enough putting people out of business, and more than occasionally blocking the owners from answering back honestly in response, under the guise of “advertising” or anyone of the other excuses he uses, suddenly finds “it’s getting too personal” and won’t allow anyone else to comment on his lack of financial foresight. Well at least there is a whole host of other forums that are controlled by other little men in their own virtual communities that will happily talk about it. He should be getting to know what it feels like when people happily and anonymously can bully people without from afar without a care in the world.


  28. I’v been banned too…

    I was warned (by Brendan) for using the word ‘Jazus’ – was used in a humerous context in reply to another humerous posting…

    I accepted that I had missed the rule not to use ‘profanities’ and I assured Brendan there would be no recurrence, however I did question why my post was deleted and I was getting a warning, when I could quickly find 216 posts with the word Jesus (admittedly some were used in a religious context) – howevert a sizeable proportion were used (with other words) in an abusive way…

    In reply Brendan I was told not to try and justify my position on the basis of wrongdoings of others… (which I didn’t – I asked a question)…

    I further replied that his was not an acceptable answer…

    I’ve been banned – and no reason given on the notification …

    Think I’m as well off out of that communist operation…


  29. I noticed Brendan created a thread where he tried to refute a lot of the accusations made against him by unhappy members about his censorship particularly his censorship of discussing the price of property. He later closed the thread saying it was getting too personal. I don’t agree with this and I think its not half as personal as the treatment he gave to ‘Brendan Investments’ and Eddie Hobbs on his forum about a year or two ago.


  30. Pretty cool post – raises some interesting points for debate. I just stumbled upon your blog this morning and wanted to say that I have really liked browsing some of the posts. Anyways, I’m subscribed to your feed and I hope to read more very soon!


  31. I have found more and more that folks are jumping on users on discussion boards, almost like cyberbullying, disagreed with one mod and now I have a stalker..

    I have learned to step carefully on askaboutmoney it appears to be a one man show!


  32. Hi all,

    It’s great that people are taking the opportunity to register for a forum regardless of the responses given by the mods.

    Have you checked out yet? Set up just 3 months ago with the aim of providing professionally written content.
    It is also home to the online family through its forum and a blog which is growing by the day. Got any gripes to air? Why not become a guest blogger on

    Drop an email to

    Bob Quinn


  33. I’ve been banned too, by Mr Burgess himself. I had a row with a few posters who answered a thread of mine. Admittedly I responded rudely to a few people, but I later apologised and the conversation returned to normal. Then Super-Brendan jumped in and closed the thread because I was insulting people.

    I PM’d him to question the decision and hey presto, banned for life! I questioned the decision and he eventually replied to me by email and essentially told me to get lost as I was never getting back in.

    Of course I had already re-registered on another email address so I can access when needed but it is annoying that Burgess is basically a bully and gets away with it.


  34. Anyone know what happened to Clubman on askaboutmoney – he seems to have disappeared off the site since April having been on it every day for years? Just curious!


  35. We just got a call to our offices from a “accountant” giving out about our blog. He’s as a bit pissed off as we had not given accountants their dues in the process of registering a domain name and the process involved.

    I guess they are starting to use the web nowadays. Great to see them come on board. buckle up !


  36. Funnily enough I have a similar problem with askaboutmoney , I work for a company that unfortunately (and not uncommon) came under attack from a rival.
    Fine I thought I will give an honest and frank response to the allegations add a link to the proportions of the website that would help posters decide if we had been hiding anything and let the readers come to there own decisions and understand the reasons behind this slur campaign. As the readers read and more posts had been answered I think that most of the original posters were in agreement with the views that I had put across had been unbiased in order to give a balanced view to the discussion. They also understood the company had nothing to hide and most of the allegations had been driven from hysteria created by the rival. The problem came along when Brendan Burgess and Clubman decided to also make a number of outrageous claims that they can not back up they have no idea about the company and due to the fact everyone keeps praising them for the honest and fair balanced discussions, they have become so stuck up there own a*** that they think they are right about anything! The unfortunate thing about this is that these guys view themselves as crusaders of the moral cause, whilst publicly hanging companies as a “job” The main grudge about this (and I think most who believe that forums are for free speech would agree) is that although I answered all the questions the moderator decided to delete my comments (just leaving the negative comments raised), this was done under the understanding that this was viewed as an “advert”. I asked them to explain the part of the response that was an advert so that I could change it as of yet I have had no response after several private messages sent to key members.
    If they haven’t got the b*llocks to stand up and explain there own actions (probably due to the fear of court action) privately why should they expect that the rest of us should explain ourselves publicly? Who made these guys into gods?

    Incidentally this is the only forum that seems to have a problem with there own posting guidelines. I would enjoy asking these guys some questions on another forum that they don’t control such as who believe in the right to a fair discussion. I would be interested if anyone has had similar issues then it would be good to hear from you maybe we can send a request for Brendan and Clubman to come and publicly answer the questions we have! And more importantly find out who regulates there views.


  37. I got a mail by Brendan for using the word Shitting. He said it was a bad word.

    I replied saying that I did not think shitting was that offensive and maybe I should have used pooing.

    I was banned for Life.


  38. Wow, very familiar post here.

    I just got banned for questioning why my post was deleted and simply disagreeing with their decision.

    The ego of some mods on that site is laughable.


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