More eBay Nonense

I just got an offer in today on an item I’m selling on ebay and I’v managed to loose it because of more ebay stupidity!

Ebay has a feature called ‘Best Offer’ whereby a buyer can make an offer to a qualifying seller which is a bit lower than the advertised sale price. It helps the buyer get a better deal and it helps the seller shift something which wont sell as was my case.

So a reasonable offer came in for my item but I thought it was slightly low so I read up on the ebay website about the whole best offer thing and it said I could decline the offer and at the same time leave the buyer a message perhaps saying something like “if you go a little higher I can sell to you” or “you can have it for 50 euros more…” So I confidently declined the offer and prepared my message but guess what!? – there was no opportunity to send a message and no way of reversing the decision. The buyer’s details were also hidden so I’ve no way of contacting him now.

I lost out on a a few hundred euros and ebay lost out on sale commissions!

I’ve also sold the same phone twice now in the last few weeks and am about to sell it for a third time and none of the buyers paid or responded to my emails. I’ve absolutely no comeback!?

I really am tired of ebay now..


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