Eflow Website Problems

Just copped what the whole eflow thing is and even though I’m rarely near crappy Dublin anymore I might be goin through a toll booth the odd time (twice last week!) so apparently I’m gonna be charged and I cant pay in cash like I ususlly do.

So all of us are gonna have to sign up for this thing whether we like it or not and anyway, I’m more than happy to live my whole life online, been doing everything else online for yonks now.

Figuring that signing up for a video, ‘pay as you go’ account would suit me best, I clicked ‘signup’ and waited an eternity for the ‘Update in Progress..’ message to disappear after every piece of info I put in. I finally managed to get to the end of the huge form and clicked ‘Accept & Submit’ only to be told that there was an error and to contact support!

I tried again in Internet Explorer 6.0 in case it was a browser issue, taking the same eternity to get through it and was told my chosen username and email address already existed! I gave up.

Seems its not only a ‘barrier free tolling’ solution but a ‘signup free’ zone too!


* UPDATE – I’ve now tried 4 times via the site and twice over a dodgy phone line and still havn’t managed to signup! No replies to my support email either…I was told to use a different username and email on the site signup but it remembered my car reg and wouldn’t let me continue!

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26 thoughts on “Eflow Website Problems”

  1. K. You need to call eFlow (or have them call you) to get your forgotten User ID to login. I’m assured a new site design is on the way so hopefully it will be better! All sorted here now.


  2. Back trying to use the eFlaw, sorry eFlow site again over 3 years later and INCREDIBLY, it’s still shite!!?? Absolutely no idea what my User ID is to login. It’s not the Account number as you’d expect?? Can’t seem to view recent transactions when logged in and not sure I’m even being charged for tolls. Can’t update my credit card. Nothing appears to work. How much do these guys make per day? Spend some on a new site you twats..


  3. You must keep in mind that this is a commercial company and their aim is to maximise their income which includes fines. Their only customer is the government which is also in the business of maximising its income. So don’t expect them to make it easy to pay on time and always keep proof of payment.
    I am being charge for a vehicle I scrapped 5 years ago.


  4. @Richard Fallon

    Please give me a shout – about to get into the exact same thing with them and already at the solicitor stage – would love to know your outcome.


  5. I called them about it, and when I tried to create an account online it also would not work but they said it was because I had an open journey which I made that day. It seems all journeys would have to be closed before you can create an account online.


  6. Tried to sign up today. Also got the same error. But before that the eflow website actually told me my Mayo-reg car was not registered in Ireland!?! What a joke! The whole website is messed up. Has anyone tried clicking on the Contact Us link on that error page!?!


  7. follow-up
    although my offer to pay this questionable fine by weekly ammounts was refused by these solicitors , I have sent my first payment .
    they cannot legally refuse my payment , especially if this is the only way for me.
    I’ll keep you posted on developments.


  8. Yes, but hopefully since customer care is being moved to Abtran in Cork things will improve. At the moment they are only taking some of the calls but in a week or 2 I think they will be taking all calls. I have heard from people that the service does seem to be getting better(finally)
    Of course this won’t improve other problems like plates being read incorrectly or the slow website.


  9. I heard that these guys are going to be awarded a contract for toll charges for cars going into the city centre….

    Their administration at the moment is a nightmare. It has not been thought through and is unfair to anyone who lives outside dublin and has not got a laser card.

    Please help to stop this bungling administration from being awarded any more contracts and riding over consumer rights!



  10. I made two ups and two downs to Dublin last year, thought I paid in full on-line but it did’nt go through.
    now I’m being threatened by solicitors in Co.Kerry with High Courts , District courts , Stubbs Gazette etc if I do’nt send them a total of €304.
    all this for €12 in tolls that I thought had been paid.
    I have written to the Minister for Transport about the matter he has sent details to the eFlow Board of Mngt.
    I offered to pay weekly @€20 but they refused and demanded the full amount.I am retired living on Carers Allowance.
    Their is something definitely wrong with these people.


  11. Ah the blessed fines.. I had my monthly bill in recently, checked it ah wow to my surprise … They have put another tag on to my account…I have one account .. never had or will add another. One is by far too much anyway. Now since you have to ring and activate the tag i couldn’t understand how this could happen but it seems eflow have a Serious Problem and its called A COMPUTER GLICH Well i have to say that is a new one on me.. Now it was only €2 and could have been worse but either way if it had of been €50 euro it would of been debited from my account… They claimed there was nothing they could do and it would be refunded next month..
    So in brief it seems with fines and accounts they cant get anything right… If it was anywhere else in the world they would be out of business in a week.. but its good old ireland.. Anything goes…..


  12. Just a quick note to people who are using the M50 toll…if you are paying your charges by cash in a garage my advise to you is to HOLD ON TO YOUR RECIEPTS!!
    I just recieved a fine of €50 for apparently not paying a charge after using the bridge last November. I had paid the the initial charge and must have either lost or discarded the reciept of payment. As it is 6 months after the time I went through, I had imagined that there wasn’t any issue with it but to my suprise i was faced with parting with €50 of my hard earned cash for no good reason! However, for me even though it’s a recession it wasn’t about the money, it was the principle of it all…afterall I had already paid my way!
    To cut a long story short, after numerous phone calls and research (on my part) they admitted it was an error in their system and that I had indeed already paid the €3 fee in November….
    So for all who use the toll-keep your reciepts in a safe place just in case you recieve a letter saying you owe money! Either that or drive through town!


  13. Hi there… and i just thought it was me…. lately having to use m50 i decided to get a tag after many mins of research i decided on eflow which sounded the best i work late so at 3am in morn i tried to sign up for a account.. after many attempts i thought it was my broadband. tried twice since and to my surprise it still wont work.. although it will tell me i owe money to them.. for times i know i didnt use bridge.. Is it me or is this a mickey mouse outfit like our government at the moment. ??? oh i forget the government do own it.. that should explain it.. eflow probally charging the government serious money to manage the bridge also.
    since reading ur blog not sure now its the best route to go. Think i’ll go the long way round and stuff the bridge.


  14. Well my problem is that even after paying the toll on time and phoneing on at least ten times to be told that there is no outstanding payments due, they continue to threaten me by letter for payment of 80 euro for one trip.


  15. I cannot even begin to tell you the problems I have had with eflow. My problem was not with actually setting up the account, which I did over the phone in Aug 08 fairly quickly, but since then I have had endless problems with them. I am sick to my back teeth with it. Mine & my husbands vehicles are both registered to the one tag account and we receive a constant stream of charges for use of the toll. Im not talkin about a couple Im talking about 20 letters per week. When I rang them I got one lame excuse after another but basically they dont know what is happening. They reckon for some unknown reason the vehicles are passing through the toll unrecognised by their system that they are attached to an eflow account therefore we are being charged the same as someone who has no eflow account. This is only the bare bones of it….Just wondering is anyone else having this kind of problem?????


  16. the site is the only one i’ve been on for years that does not support my browser [mac] why should should i download something i dont want


  17. Seeing the same problems opening an account today, tried Firefox and IE but it always got stuck at the “processing” stage. Tried again just now and was successful. Noticed when I entered the car registration that it displayed the make and model of the car below the entry fields rather than populating the fields. Also while processing was ongoing the whole page remained grayed out. Not sure if this is a server issue or if they are actively changing the code behind the scenes..


  18. There are still on-going problems with the eflow website. I registered for a video account about a month ago, received a letter confirming registration and a book of terms and conditions. I used the Westlink on October 14th and today received a request for payment.

    When I rang I was told that there was a problem with the website and it was randomly not saving car registration numbers.

    When did the principle of testing software before releasing it for use go out the window?


  19. Well I got my account registered in the end but not through the eflow site, had to abandon that because it kept telling me my car was already in the system. If you get that error you just have to ring them as I did. They did say the site had been having probs, probably due to overuse.

    Signing up for an account over the phone was pretty quick and painless once I was in a good mobile coverage zone! The only slight problem was that the reg I gave them threw up a ford transit van on their system (which I’ve never owned!) but the fault was theirs.

    Basically, forget their site and ring them!


  20. Yeh, I’m having the same issues as you. Tried both FF and IE and get stuck at the ‘Update in Progress’ vortex as soon as I select Video Account.

    Script error I get in IE is:
    Line: 753
    Char: 49
    Error: Sys.InvalidOperationException: Type AjaxControlToolkit.IDragSource has already been registered

    Please post if you get any solution to this as I have to drive thru M50 at the weekend.


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