10 Things To Do Online

I’ve been using the Internet now for about 6 years, doing all kinds of mad things that most people may not realize are possible, here’s a few of the more useful ones!!

  1. Online Dating – One of the first things I done was met my current partner of 6 years!
  2. Online Banking – I regularly manage my finances and transfer money online.
  3. Tax Returns – I submit my dues via ros.ie each year.
  4. Buisness – I earn a living from Internet related activities. This is my favorite!
  5. Buying – Almost everything you buy is cheaper on the net, so I buy everything I can.
  6. Booking – I have often booked holidays, flights and accommodation online.
  7. Selling – I’ve sold loads of stuff to people all over the planet via eBay from my bedroom!
  8. Communication – Via this blog, email and instant messaging I regularly talk to strangers from far any wide.
  9. Information – I research all the info I might need on almost anything by using search engines.
  10. Writing – I indulge my hobby of writing via my blogs!

Basically, there’s nothing you can’t do without a computer and an Internet connection, one of our better inventions!


Published by

Leon Quinn

Multimedia Design company in Leitrim, Ireland specializing in WordPress Website Design, Photoshop and Graphics. www.reverbstudios.ie

One thought on “10 Things To Do Online”

  1. It is just amazing how technology is continually moving and improving and the number of things you can do via a computer and the internet.
    You can also save time and keep your family and friend happy too, by remembering special occasions and sending Gifts without having to leave your computer desk to trawl around the shops.
    The best for me is Video Calls to family and friend who live abroad, it is a great way to see them and talk to them and the best part is that it is free with skyp.




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