Ebay Store Fees – WTF?

Oh my God, theres so much to moan about with ebay these days, just found out last night while reading the irish PC Live magazine that the basic ebay shop subscription fee was increased recently. And was I told? fuck no..

I’ve had my ebay store up for years now and last I heard it was about 8/9 euros a month which was fair enough. Ebay stores are handy for listing services or items that you can resell. Store items don’t come up as quick in ebay searches than auction items but its a lot cheaper to list in your store so I was happy to keep it up.

At some stage (I’ve no idea when) ebay increased the 8/9 euros to 19.99 euros per month for the basic shop. Thats DOUBLE the fee and with no email or explanation of what I’m getting for the increase. I’ve just cancelled my subscription and this leaves me with shag all activity or items on ebay and I might as well not have an account al all at this stage.

The general consensus these days is that ebay doesn’t give a shit about small time auction sellers and is re-structuring the site around power sellers and normal ‘buy it now’ sales. It probably wont be the auction site we’ve all come to know and love for much longer.

Somebody else, please start a new auction site for us or I’ll do it myself!?


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One thought on “Ebay Store Fees – WTF?”

  1. Hi,

    head on over to Bonanzle.com
    Its alot faster and easier to use than eBay.
    FV Fees are reasonable and it has loads of great features. No listing fees, everyone has a store like booth. Instore chatting. List items in less than one minute.

    I still have my eBay store, but direct all my customers to Bonanzle after sale.
    Bonanzle also has real human support, they are quick to respond and actually put changes in effect when requested.

    The Bonanzle guys make selling enjoyable again.


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