New Ebay Feedback Rule

I’ve just gone on to ebay to leave feedback for something I bought and a message popped up to say that Buyers can now no longer receive Negative or even Neutral feedback from Sellers and so don’t have to live in fear anymore! Continue reading New Ebay Feedback Rule

More Broadband Bad News

So , another development in my broadband saga..the whole issue with the local council blocking the erection of a mast that could have given me proper broadband is beside the point now cause the mast has finally gone up but not high enough to get over a tree between it and me! Its confirmed to me that Wireless, line of sight broadband is absolutely pointless in a rural area where there are trees, hills, one can bloody get it. Roll on WiMax, Mobile and more modern technologies!


Broadband Stupidity in Leitrim

Here I go with yet another broadband moan. The slight glimmer of hope I had that a new local wireless company might be able to rescue me from the insanity and unreliability of O2’s broadband(ish) dongle has been extinguished by the stupidity and paranoia of Leitrim County Council. Continue reading Broadband Stupidity in Leitrim

Replying to Emails

One of my many pet hates in life is having my emails ignored. To me its just as rude and unforgivable as someone who ignores you as you stand in front of them and attempt to communicate verbally. Considering this is the year 2008 and email technology has been with us for decades, there’s no excuse in my book for ignoring a person’s carefully though out and time consuming email. Continue reading Replying to Emails

O2 Mobile Broadband Moan

I knew as soon as I started to tell people how fantastic O2’s new mobile ‘broadband’ (not) dongle thing was that I had put a curse on myself. I’ve just moved to a new house in the wilderness of Leitrim and obviously my first concern was who would give me broadband in such a dark and lonely place so far from civilization. Continue reading O2 Mobile Broadband Moan