New Ebay Feedback Rule

I’ve just gone on to ebay to leave feedback for something I bought and a message popped up to say that Buyers can now no longer receive Negative or even Neutral feedback from Sellers and so don’t have to live in fear anymore!

I’m been singing ebay’s praises and using their excellent services (mostly as a seller) for years now but they’ve been pissing me off lately for the following reasons:

  • They wont reply to my any emails.
  • They are not contactable in any way!
  • They no longer allow account and feedback merging.
  • They deprive Irish customers of excellent features available in other countries.
  • They are getting way to officious, pedantic and ignorant.
  • I can’t find out how to unsubscribe from their overlong, USA focused newsletters.
  • And now I can’t give a buyer negative feedback even if he messes me around!!!???

Whats goin on ebay, power goin to your heads!?


Published by

Leon Quinn

Multimedia Design company in Leitrim, Ireland specializing in WordPress Website Design, Photoshop and Graphics.

3 thoughts on “New Ebay Feedback Rule”

  1. Is that or I used to use one of them when it just started off and it was bad! Both those sites look decent now and I will certainly be checking them out again and giving ebay as much bad press as I can!


  2. Hi Leon,

    I must totally agree with you. These changes and the lack of co-operation with sellers is becoming their downfall in my opinion. I have left them now and joined an alternative called ebid. You should check it out and tell all your friends while you are at it.
    God bless,


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