Leitrim County Council Hypocrisy

Heres something I intercepted via Google Alerts and posted in the news section of Leitrim radio station Ocean FM!!

Leitrim Council Chairman welcomes new broadband strategy Jun 24, 7:01 am

The Chairman of Leitrim County Council Damien Brennan says he believes the fact that Ireland is so far behind in relation to the provision of broadband may work in our favour when it comes to the modernization and roll out of the service in the new Government strategy.

Councillor Brennan’s comments come in the wake of Government’s new plan to ensure the entire country will have broadband coverage by next year.

Leitrim County Council have been in talks with Government officials in recent months about making a good quality broadband service available in all parts of Leitrim.

Councillor Brennan says broadband is essential for attracting businesses to the county.

This doesn’t really fit in with the news I got recently from a local broadband company saying that they couldn’t give me broadband because the council had refused them permission to use the land due to a fear of ‘squatters rights”!!

I’m still waiting on someone from the council to explain the whole thing to me months later…


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