Chasing Clients for Money

Wondering am I the only Freelancer/Businessman who has a lot of trouble getting paid for jobs and services or is it par for the course?

Here what happens when I request a service form the guy who cuts the grass or fixes the boiler:

  • I ring said tradesman and ask if he can do the job, if he can..
  • I ask for a quotation/price..
  • If I’m happy with the price I say go ahead.
  • He comes and does the job, I satisfy myself that its done properly.
  • I pay him there and then or as soon as he bills me.

What I don’t do is tell the guy, after I’ve agreed to the price and am satisfied with the work, that I’ll pay him in a few weeks or that money is tight right now or just ignore his invoice and communication attempts.

I’d expect this process is the same for any business service and anyone with any manners or consideration would not tell someone to go ahead with a job knowing that they might not be able to pay when the time came or ignoring invoices that came in.

This is what is happening to me a lot these days, even though people say they are happy with my work I’m still waiting on a 5 figure sum from a number of clients collectively.

For those in any doubt on either side of the fence, having to ask to be paid for a finished job more than once is DEAD WRONG. You know who you are!!


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Leon Quinn

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