Vodafone Contract Unfairness

I’ve been having issues with my mobile phone coverage from Vodafone ever since I moved to my new address in Drumsna, Carrick-on-Shannon around Janurary.

Basically whenever I’m on a call I have to run around the house or the garden looking for a sweet spot so I can hear, not ideal. Add to that the fact that I have no land line and my O2 mobile broadband and skype cuts out for days sometimes and I can be incommunicado which ain’t good for business.

Vodafone say that they have 99% coverage in Ireland and wouldn’t you know it I’m in the 1% along with the bleedin Blasket Islands probably. So I thought that since theres an O2 mast within 3 miles and I have O2 broadband through it (ish) and since the new & improved iphone is now out, I’d kill two birds with one stone by porting my vodafone number to O2. Easy right!?

After a few phone calls to vodafone and me pointing out that it was a bit unfair that I had to ‘buy out’ the remainder of my contract just to get a better signal, the problem not being my fault, I got no joy. I have to pay about €60/€70 (a lot more if there weren’t only a few months left of the contract) just to move operators, seems vodafone make no guarantees about signal quality ‘indoors’ and it says so ‘clearly’ in my terms and conditions. Maybe that would be a valid point if I could get a decent signal outdoors but I can’t!

I have to have a debate with myself now as to whether I want to tow the line and fork up or fight for whats right or just wait till the contract finishes and the iphone palava dies down!!


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3 thoughts on “Vodafone Contract Unfairness”

  1. i have voadfone 3g wirless broadband it is very slow some time i cant get in to my home page for ages i will be cancel my contract


  2. Well thats what I thought alright but apparently not. What I’ll probably do is cancel their direct debit so they actually can’t take the money. They will probably give out but I’ll be in the right so wont be too worried!


  3. You should be entitled to break your contract based on the fact that Vodafone are unable to supply you with a properly working service. We broke our contract after moving from Leitrim to Longford where there was no coverage. They did a few tests and agreed they were unable to offer us a decent service and that we could break the contract without having to pay a cancellation fee.

    A few months later they did randomly take €400 out of our account which took about four months to get back from them but hopefully that was just a random accident and doesn’t happen to everyone.


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