Adobe AIR Desktop Applications

I have been working with the new Adobe Air framework which allows for building Flash desktop applications and widgets which draw data from the internet.

To see Adobe Air in action please download our own custom created Desktop Feed Reader which will allow you to view the latest posts from the Reverb Studios Blog on your own desktop *

Heres how it looks and works:

Click here to download and install the “Reverb Blog Adobe AIR Desktop Application” .

If anyone would like me to plugin your own preferred feed and send on a downloadable, installable application for your blog or site, let me know.

(* Requires windows XP and an internet connection to run properly. Also requires the Adobe Air Installer to be installed first, you can get it at

Published by

Leon Quinn

Multimedia Design company in Leitrim, Ireland specializing in WordPress Website Design, Photoshop and Graphics.

2 thoughts on “Adobe AIR Desktop Applications”

  1. Hey Leon,

    Good job mate,

    I have seen your awesome work, “Reverb Studios Blog on your own desktop”. I also want to create a same kind of application which will run on client desktop and data would be feed from a remote RSS feed(xml file).

    Could you please let me know how u have created this application, any help or if you have posted any article on your blog how to create such kind of application, would be very helpful for me.

    Thanks Mate,

    Delhi, India


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