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I was asked by John from the site to review his system in response to my review of, so lets see how it measures up.

First thing to mention is that this is primarily a backup service for companies and the corporate sector and to that end they offer a more manual and personal service than other offerings. The service is tailored to your requirements and upon signup for their free trial you will be contacted by a company representative who will discuss the best options for you in terms of your Internet Connection, amount of Data to Backup, Bandwidth Limits with your ISP and your Operating System & Firewalls, etc…

There is no ‘Signup Now’ button or link but the trial registration form is quick and painless – not sure why theres a comments box however – what would anyone have to say at this early stage, I couldn’t think of anything!? Submitting the free trial reg form returns me to a page that tells me my enquiry has been registered and if my email address is real or correct I will receive download instructions. I get an email straight away alright but it just tells me again that my enquiry has been received and someone will be in touch.

I was hoping to get started on the free trial straight away and see how the desktop software they promised actually worked but I was informed later that the download links are only provided after consultation with a rep which is fine if thats what you want but not if you want to get started straight away which I did.

Prices are not listed on the site as the price depends on the tailored package you end up with but apparently prices start form around 3 euros per GB. There is a 24/7 tech support available also.


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Leon Quinn

Multimedia Design company in Leitrim, Ireland specializing in WordPress Website Design, Photoshop and Graphics.

20 thoughts on “BackupAnytime Online Backup”

  1. I did some web work for BackupAnytime a few years back, and all I can say is that this disgusts me. I would not recommend BackupAnytime or anything that John O’Neill has touched.

    FYI : admin, email address is real in case you want to verify anything, but I would prefer not to have my name published.


  2. Hi Leon,
    I suggest you to try Memopal, now they offer 15% off for Easter and 30% off for Carbonite users that move on Memopal…

    Memopal Value Proposition:
    – Multiple PC with the same license
    – Multi-Platform: Win, Mac, Iphone, Linux
    – Real 150Gb of space no hidden limitations!
    – Web and Mobile access.
    – Continuos Data Protection
    – a Fast and Relevant search function.


  3. Oh boy – there seems to be some bad business karma here 🙂 Right off the bat: IF you ask someone to do a review, DO make sure they can get to the stuff. I mean, that could have been done pro-actively, right?

    I actually went to the site to see if Leon’s comments were warranted. Perhaps the site has changed since then, but what is on it now is:

    (…) # please click on the combination lock in the image on the right.(This 14 day period can be extended by arrangement)
    # This will bring you to the registration page.
    # The next step is download our online backup software. (…)


    “If you would like to discuss your requirements and our services prior to a trial please contact us.”

    At least for me, that doesn’t give me the impression that I need to talk to someone before I can try it. Based on that, I see no beef with what is stated in the review.

    In fact, I wouldn’t have given the third star. Reading all the reactions here does not project the image of a company that communicates well. A lot, yes. Well, no.

    Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the business set-up. But why not just communicate it like that on the website? I’m pretty sure many people would understand and see the value of it.

    As it is, the company seems to want worldwide exposure (a .com website + not communicating the actual strategy). When people do land on the site, and want to give it a spin, you seem to want to harvest the contact information. A bit strange.

    It seems to me that you must have a lot of work then with answering to people that you don’t do business outside of the UK & Ireland, or providing them with the exact answer that was given in response to this review.

    In summary: I can imagine the business model works for you guys, but I can also imagine you lose a lot of potential customers, and have to deal with a lot of people you shouldn’t have to deal with, because of this unclarity in communication.

    PS I’m one of these pesky potential customer guys, so forgive me for not having a website linked to my name 😉


  4. Oh my 🙂 I was playing around on googled and landed here.

    Its good to get feedback even if it is slightly negative at times, so one can change the formula until they get the mix right.


  5. Hi Leon / Chris
    I have spoken to Leon since this review. He knows I understand and accept his reasoning and am endeavouring to improve this review through positive communication. Chris, in fairness you are the one with the angry tone. While I appreciate the support (if that is what was intended) it would be better if your name actually linked to your site. In the absence of this, your comment will likely be taken with a pich of salt.



  6. @Chris, thanks for your psychoanalysis, I’m chuffed! Heres yours in return. You are ‘obviously’ a person who is quick to judge and doesn’t mind getting personal and abusive with people you don’t know!

    I’m sure Backupanytime will be delighted they got a referral from here, theres no such thing as bad publicity…

    PS – @John O’Neill – I’m gonna give an extra star when my review plugin is fixed because of the obvious concern you have about your businesses image. Thats nice to see in this day and age.


  7. Leon, you are a putz. You obviously have control issues and are probably an angry person in general. This review made me call for the trial because I do want personalized service, and I am NOT a business! I would say that this review has backfired on you because now I can’t foresee any of your reviews being credible. Thanks.


  8. Yes it has backfired on you a bit, not my fault though and even if I do use the software now nothing will change the fact that it took so long to organize. Sorry!


  9. Hi Leon
    Talk about something backfiring. I thought that a review would be a great idea. In fairness, I think most people would agree that no review is no review and therefore the two starts is misleading and inappropriate. We dont make it difficult. Genuinely and I am not being sarcastic about anything here in case the written word gives that impression. You can contact me at any time on 086 8101404 or at the office as per the website and I will got through the installation with you. Honestly, it is very straightforward and if you want we can log in an install it for you.



  10. John, I was planning on testing your whole service from start to finish not just the actual product and I sent answers to questions on my PC specs weeks ago via email and never heard back from anyone. I tried my best to trial the software but you made it too hard, the 2/5 is generous.


  11. Hi Leon
    You never registered the software and therefore could not have tested it. Why not use the system before giving us 2 stars out of 5?
    Call me if you need assistance (as any client would) and it will be provided but please make a decision after using the system.



  12. i wont be drawn on making any comment about an individual blog but here is the story on using compeditor names in your site.

    first off, it is not against the law in ireland.
    secondly, it only works against weak compeditors.
    thirdly, it is not a great idea.

    if you use a strong compeditors name in your site, it is unlikely to get your site in any useful search results for them and will possibly improve their brand awareness.

    if you use a weak compeditors name in your site you may become visable under searches for them but given they are weak, the benefit to you is minimal and the time would be better spent focusing on your own brand.

    having your company name mentioned on a compeditors site (particularly with a link) is positive if the info is positive.

    a link provider by the admin of that site is of more value than one you place yourself on a blogpost.


  13. I got some help this morning going through the backupanytime blog to examine any negative admin posts which could be the source of “Daves” annoyance.

    Throughout the entire backupanytime blog I can only find one negative post: here it is
    This post is harsh. It is also surprising given there are no other negative posts on the blog. We did not however make it up. All of the facts of the post are available throughout the internet. The post provides basic information pertaining to well documented data loss stories involving Iron mountain. Is this the source of “Daves” annoyance?

    Unlikely. Iron Mountain International have enough bad press worldwide to deal with without focusing on blogs that restate undeniable facts.

    I considered the possibility of an Irish Iron Mountain partner being behind “Dave”. Again unlikely. Even if someone did decide to stay partnered with Iron mountain, they are unlikely to want to draw attention to it.

    All the same. Can’t help being curious.

    John O’Neill


  14. Given that Dave has not posted a url link to his comment, I think it is fairly clear for all to see that I am not the one trying to hide anything. Say where you are from Dave and we can discuss this with everyones vested interest out in the open.

    We have used many, many company names on our blog. Some are in non related industries and are metioned due to general technology news while others are in the same industry at similar, differing and identical verticals.

    While we see this as having a limited seo effect for us or those mentioned, there is no denying that a crawled site with a reference to another site is likely to have an effect on one or both sites.

    This is the case with all links Dave. It is our opinion that non negative comments with our domain name included have a positive if somewhat mild soe effect.

    If you are concerned about a negative comment on our website, that is a different issue. let us know where you are from and what we said about you that you did not like. If it is incorrect we can put it right.
    For the moment, given that I don’t know your specific issue I can only say that negative comment on our blog is very rare.

    If we did not say anything negative about you and you are simply upset about our company name coming up when you search for your company in google I have this to say.
    A mention of a company name on our site causing us to effectively compete from an seo perspective with that business under a search using the name of that business says more about the seo implementation (or lack of) specific to that company than it does about us.

    I won’t make a habit of replying to anon comments about us by competing companies. Say who you are or say nothing. Stand behind it, don’t hide behind it.


  15. I like how the blog on is trying to rank in Search Engines for their competitor names like Keep it safe, safety net and c infinity by using their names on post titles.

    I wonder if John ONeill has any comment on this underhand tactic? Is this a typical move for BackupAnyTime to perform?


  16. Mike, theres no angry tone but you cant dispute my opinion of your site and service or anyone elses, you asked for a review and I told it like it lies!

    I see the distinction between the type of service you offer compared to putplace (its not obvious on your home page that you are targeting businesses only?) and your post/explanation above is visible for all others to see but I STILL think the way you sign people up is too long winded. I’d just prefer to get backing up or exploring the software as soon as possible, whether I’m a company or individual. Thats my opinion., no-one elses.

    Would you not consider having a quick and easy solution for personal customers also, go for both markets?


  17. Hi Leon
    I read and reread your last post a number of times. I think I detect (hope I am wrong) an angry tone.
    I have already explained that we do not offer a download without prior discussion with the client. I am sorry that this is not to your liking but it is the way we do business. We are currently focused on the UK and Irish markets only. We offer a very personal service to the point of running the installation and assisting with backup set creation. When we had the downloads visable on the website we had large numbers of trials running from regions we do not yet support. With our current method we get to speak with the client which allows us to give our time to people who are genuinely interested in using commercial online backup.

    I know now that you have no connection with putplace. I assumed earlier that given they were the only product reviewed that there was an innocent connection. I am sorry for my incorrect assumption.

    I absolutely understand that you are not obliged to review services. I was suggesting it because your site is visible and independent and that if you had a leaning towards comparative reviews, this would be good.

    Regarding “out of hours on the internet”, we run support 24/7 and sales 8/5
    This is the way we do business. It is a personal service. I understand that the mass backup market is non personal. We are a small, specialist, commercial online backup provider. We know all of our customers. Noone ever signed up for our service without discussing the service and in most cases meeting us.

    I agree with you, the mass market clients will go elsewhere if they cant sign up while the office is closed. We are not here for them. It would not be good fianacial management for them to use us as they can get free and nearly free backup of that type all ove the web. We are here for business users ranging from small business (most of our clients) to corporate level (not many as they generally run inter office backup but I think we have more corporate clients than any other online backup company in Ireland) and these clients knowingly pay us for a service the see advertised as free every day because they want a managed archive and they want us to be ther (in person) when they need us.

    I hope we wont be at loggerheads with each other now (:

    Mike pp JON


  18. Mike, I am not impressed with how long it takes to get the trial going nor will a lot of your site visitors, guaranteed so I said so in the review.

    I have no connection with putplace at all, I just like their service and its ease and speed of use.

    It seems you offer a different kind of service to them which is more business specific and personal so I will mention this in the review when I get to finish it.

    I am not obliged to or interested in reviewing all the other online backup offerings, please read all the comments on the putplace review.

    PS – there should be no ‘out of hours’ on the internet, if people cant get started with your service there and then because you are asleep they will go elsewhere.


  19. Hi Leon
    Mike Hehir here. John is off today (back tomorrow) but I am available to look after you. I am on your site from Johns computer and tried to log in to your site as myself but it remembers John.

    Anyway, in response to your last post…

    Thank you for agreeing to review backupanytime.
    We did recieve your download request late last night. Subscription customers have a number for our 24 hour support phone line which reaches technician on call for service and restore queries only. General enquiries are dealt with during office hours or out of hours by appointment.
    I understand that you were expecting to download software and run a trial right off the bat. Backupanytime use 3 different brands of online backup software (and within 2 of those there are multiple offerings) as this allows us to use software which is approprate to the clients needs. Also, it is a managed service and we generally do the install. Given that you are running a review of backupanytime I understand that you want to do the installation yourself. Can you answer the following questions for me so we can offer you an appropriate solution. It may be prudent to answer these questions by email rather than on the blog. You decide. It is your information.

    1 What operating system are you using?
    2 Are you backing up a server or a workstation?
    3 What type of firewall do you use?
    4 What quantity of data do you intend backing up?
    5 What type of broadband do you have?
    6 What is the upload and download of your broadband?
    7 Are there data transfer limits? If so what are they?
    8 Are you subject to a fair usage policy?
    9 Will you be leaving your system on overnight during the trial?

    I am concerned with your comment “I’m not impressed” given that your enquiry was out of hours and you have not even seen our system yet nor have you spoken officially to any staff member. I have genuine concerns about the appropriatness of this review given your connection with putplace and that we are so far the only other trial product. I do however appreciate that John requested this of you and that you kindly obliged. We are confident that we offer the best online backup solution in the Irish market and we have the history and references to demonstrate this. I am familiar with put place and see it as a very different type of product. Would you consider approaching other mainstream online backup companies such as centraldatabank, Eircom and keepitsafe so a like for like comparison could be run? In the interim, I await your reply and will direct you to the appropriate download on our website. We are also available to assist with the installation should this be your preference.

    Kind regards
    Mike Hehir


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