Generic Host process for Win32 Services

“Generic Host process for Win32 services has encountered an error and needs to close, sorry!” – This is a common error message for windows based computers and if its troubling you, please try the solution outlined above courtesy of Robert Loftus PC Expert.

“Generic Host process for Win32 services has encountered an error and needs to close, sorry!” – this problem relates to the operating system and not to your connection type. Basically windows has the hiccups and needs a gentle pat on the back so it can burp them out – just like a baby. Failing that if it doesn’t work, a two pound hammer swiftly delivered while you grin, wide eyed, foaming at the mouth and giggling like a naughty school girl should do the trick – just like a baby! OR USE LINUX OR GET A CAT!

What this means for you as the parent of your Microsoft Windows Operating System is that you will need to be patient, understanding, forgiving, and guide it as you TRY to make it do the things you want it to do rather than it doing whatever it wants to do – a baby.

Please follow these instructions in order to continue to enjoy your Microsoft Product – even though it will rarely do what you want it to do.

  1. Shut Down Computer.
  2. Start Computer and press F8 key.
  3. Choose to start the PC in Safe Mode.
  4. Log in as ADMINISTRATOR into Safe Mode.
  5. Click Yes when warning displays.
  6. Once PC has fully started, go into “My Computer” and locate C Drive.
  7. Right Click C Drive, left click on last option – PROPERTIES.
  8. Click on tools tab.
  9. Click Check Now.
  10. Make sure both boxes are ticked “Automatically Fix…” and “Scanfor…”
  11. Click Start.
  12. You may get a warning dialogue box to tell you that the computer needs to be restarted. Click on OK.

The PC will restart itself and begin the operation.

When complete it continue to start into windows as it NORMALY should.


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