Ebay Identitiy Confirmation

Another day another ebay gripe. I’ve been using ebay a bit recently to shift some old computer parts and have been able to login and do what I need to do with no hassle but just now I logged in and got the message below!

Ebay Identity Confirmation

It basically tells me that ebay doesn’t recognise my computer and that I’m obviously logging in from a new pc and location. Unless someone broke in today and robbed my custom made powerhouse and left an identical pc in its place (while I was sitting here!) then this is slightly inaccurate! And unless I’m working way too hard and beginning to hallucinate about my actual physical whereabouts then again, ebay, you’ve got it wrong.

So I go along with it and choose a number to receive a call on and sure enough I get a call from an ebay robot immediately to give me a pin number I need to put in the site to verify my ‘new’ computer. Pretty impressive technology I must say but ebay time and resources would be better spent addressing the concerns of disgruntled users.

I might have an ‘ebay gripes’ category soon!


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