Add a Blog to your site

Adding a Blog to your private (hosted on your own server) website is generally regarded as a great way to attract the search engines and make your site that bit more interesting. This is because a regularly maintained and interesting blog adds a lot of CONTENT to your site and the search engines like lots of content. The content comes from what you yourself write about but also from what comments others leave in response to your posts. If you can manage to write as an authority in your subject/business area then others will find your content and ultimately your site when they search for related information online. Continue reading Add a Blog to your site

The Internet and Communication

Apart from using the internet as an informational resource, you can also use it as a means of communication with fellow workers, family, friends, or complete strangers! There are a number of ways you can do this and I will discuss some of them below: Continue reading The Internet and Communication

How to add your Email Address to Outlook Express

Most computers come with Outlook Express installed by default and if you have an email address, (or lots of email addresses!) then you can add them all to Outlook Express and check them all at once. You can even read your messages and reply to them offline if your internet connection is bad or pricey! Heres how to add an existing email address to Outlook Express: Continue reading How to add your Email Address to Outlook Express

How to start Buying and Selling on Ebay

Ebay is a website that most people will have heard of by now and it enables the average person to buy and sell online from the comfort of their own homes. You can trade with people from all around the world buying almost anything you can think of and usually at prices that high street stores and even other websites can never hope to match. Most sales are by auction which means you bid on whatever catches your eye and if you are still the highest bidder when the auction closes then you are a winner! Buying is fun but selling is even more fun!! Heres how to get started: Continue reading How to start Buying and Selling on Ebay

New Blog

From this week on I will be blogging on a more frequent basis, whenever I get a chance.

I hope to maintain a technology blog written in layman’s terms and explaining complicated aspects of the Internet, Web Optimization, Computers and anything else relevant. Hopefully I can help those of you out there confused by the technology rush..stay tuned!


Help the Search Engines find your site

Here are some basic tips for getting your website noticed in the ocean of content that is the internet:

  1. Do not build your site entirely in Flash or using images as these are both invisible to search engines.
  2. Content is king and the more text (of the interesting and key-worded variety) you include on pages the better.
  3. This content should not all be on one page however as you will scare your visitors who are usually in a hurry and wont read a life story on one page.
  4. Spread your fantastic content over as many pages as you can, the more pages in your site the more Google likes you!
  5. Dont include huge images on your pages that take all day to download and appear as people will get tired waiting and so will Google.
  6. Use lots of bulleted and numbered lists (like this one!) and also use bold and heading text as Google will assume you are highlighting these words for a reason.
  7. Ask everyone you can think of (nicely) to provide a link to your site on theirs as the more links you have incoming the more important you are deemed.
  8. Go the lazy route and include Blogs and Forums on your site and let your visitors provide the keyword rich content for you!
  9. Include some interactivity on your site to engage your visitors and give them some reason to stay for a while and come back regularly.
  10. Employ a poor starving web designer (like me) to give your site a good kick up the SEO arse.