How to Translate Text or Web pages

You may come across text in a foreign language when surfing or perhaps you just want to impress a new foreign ‘friend’ you met on the internet with your command of their native language, heres how:

  1. Visit the Google Translate page HERE
  2. If its just a piece of text you’d like to translate to a foreign language then type it into the ‘Original text’ box
  3. Select the From and To languages and click ‘Translate’
  4. Voila, you get a ‘rough!’ translation good enough for your foreign ‘friend’ to get the gist!
  5. If you need to decipher a complete web page written in a foreign language then you must open a new browser window and visit that page first. When there select the entire address and press ‘ctrl’ and ‘c’ to copy the address.
  6. Return to the Google translate page and paste the address in the ‘Translate a Web Page’ box by pressing ‘ctrl’ and ‘v’.
  7. Choose From and To languages and click ‘Translate’.
  8. Google translate will automatically open up the web page you need translated in the new language.
  9. Another handy thing is that you can hover over any piece of text and it shows the original language!


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