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The single most effective way of optimizing your site or having it perform well in the search engines is to get as many links TO it as possible. Once upon a time and still to a certain extent today people were fixated with getting reciprocal links which means “I’ll give you a link if you give me one”! This method of trying to get Google to notice you is almost certainly useless as Google will look at the reciprocal link and think, oh they’ve done that just to impress us. Google normally doesn’t do what you tell it to and prefers instead to organically find your site on its own merits. Chances are that it will ignore ‘links’ pages with loads of outgoing links. Also it doesn’t really make sense to provide your visitors with a means of leaving your site does it!?

What you need to do is submit your site to as many search engines, directories, forums, etc as you can. Sites that don’t require you to either pay or provide a return link to them. Theres plenty of these sites available and I’ve listed the most common below:

You can also put your site in geographically local directories or directories that are relevant to your site or business area. Another good idea is to join some online forums or groups and get posting but make sure to include your web address in your signature!

Getting links takes time but it is the single most effective way of getting your site noticed.

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