Link to a Point in a youTube Video

Just spotted how to do this. Cool! I don’t know about other people but I’ve not got the patience to sit through more than a few minutes of online video so if I need to show someone a video but only want them to see one particular part of it, I can create a link that goes directly to that part.

Here’s a normal youTube video URL:

And here’s a link to a  lovely string break 3 minutes in:

The syntax to stick on the end of your youTube link is “#t=3m1s“, phonetically, “Time=3 minutes and 1 second”. You can grab the URL of a point in a video a bit quicker by moving the Play Head to the required point, Right-clicking it and choosing “Copy video url at current time”.

Also, if you type in 3:01 in a youTube video comment, it automatically links it to that point in the video!

Live and learn.

How To Create an Introduction Video for Your Website

You see them a lot on website home pages these days, the Video Introduction Monologue where some guy (or more frequently, cute girl) talks to you directly in a short video, often to introduce the company, website or product. The idea being that the friendly face and language of the company owner or employee will garner a little more trust in the visitor than the normal website textual content would.

I was asked how to go about creating these kind of videos by a mentoring client recently and I sighed and proceeded to talk about hiring cameramen, video editing & conversion, uploading, embedding etc..when in fact all you really need to do a basic one at least is a decent webcam with mic (or separate headset mic) and a youTube account.

Here’s how:

Create a free youTube account if you don’t already have one.

Click “Upload” in the top right corner.

On the following screen click “Record from webcam”.

youTube UploadOn the next screen you’ll have to allow youTube to connect to your webcam so tick “Allow” and close.

AllowNext just check the settings at the top of the webcam preview to pick your preferred audio device. Normally the built in webcam mic is too far from you to grab decent sound at a good volume so select your headset or other mic from the drop down list instead.

Mic Settings
Next, click the Record button center screen and have a play around to get a good position and sound level. Sound level is measured on the right so aim to get a good input but not in the red too much. Press stop when finished and you’ll be given 3 options Preview, Publish or Re-record. You just want to preview for the time being to see how it turned out and if all is well click Re-record to complete your video.

When you publish the final video you can easily grab the video embed code or URL off youTube and paste it into your wordpress site or web page to show to visitors. Remember, youTube is regarded as the second biggest search engine on the net so make sure you tag your created video with the right keywords while publishing.

Some Video Shooting tips:

Make sure lighting is decent in the room and that there’s not too much in the background of the shot to distract people. There’s nothing worse then a dingy, dark webcam video shot in a ‘busy’ bedroom. There’s connotations attached to that look that you’d rather not achieve!

Keep the video short. Attention span on the net is not what it use to be.

Be yourself, be real, be engaging, sell yourself.

Don’t speak in monotone!



Poor Upload Speeds?

I find it hard to believe that in 2010 Upload speeds in Ireland from all the main providers are still so low compared to Download speeds. I’m on a 7MB down package at the min and I normally get around 6MB of this on speed tests but the upload speed is always only a few hundred kilobytes max. Very low. Fair enough a few years back when I started out as a web designer and needed to send stuff out as well as download I couldn’t have expected Eircom or whoever to sort me out as I would have been in a minority. These days though I’m guessing there’s a hell of a lot of uploading going on as more and more people actually contribute to the web through youTube, Facebook, Photo sharing sites etc..not to mention sending emails.

I dream of the day we’ll have the same upload speed as download!

Check your actual up and down speeds here

The Internet and Communication

Apart from using the internet as an informational resource, you can also use it as a means of communication with fellow workers, family, friends, or complete strangers! There are a number of ways you can do this and I will discuss some of them below: Continue reading The Internet and Communication