Poor Upload Speeds?

I find it hard to believe that in 2010 Upload speeds in Ireland from all the main providers are still so low compared to Download speeds. I’m on a 7MB down package at the min and I normally get around 6MB of this on speed tests but the upload speed is always only a few hundred kilobytes max. Very low. Fair enough a few years back when I started out as a web designer and needed to send stuff out as well as download I couldn’t have expected Eircom or whoever to sort me out as I would have been in a minority. These days though I’m guessing there’s a hell of a lot of uploading going on as more and more people actually contribute to the web through youTube, Facebook, Photo sharing sites etc..not to mention sending emails.

I dream of the day we’ll have the same upload speed as download!

Check your actual up and down speeds here www.SpeedTest.net