Link to a Point in a youTube Video

Just spotted how to do this. Cool! I don’t know about other people but I’ve not got the patience to sit through more than a few minutes of online video so if I need to show someone a video but only want them to see one particular part of it, I can create a link that goes directly to that part.

Here’s a normal youTube video URL:

And here’s a link to a ┬álovely string break 3 minutes in:

The syntax to stick on the end of your youTube link is “#t=3m1s“, phonetically, “Time=3 minutes and 1 second”. You can grab the URL of a point in a video a bit quicker by moving the Play Head to the required point, Right-clicking it and choosing “Copy video url at current time”.

Also, if you type in 3:01 in a youTube video comment, it automatically links it to that point in the video!

Live and learn.