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Adding a Blog to your private (hosted on your own server) website is generally regarded as a great way to attract the search engines and make your site that bit more interesting. This is because a regularly maintained and interesting blog adds a lot of CONTENT to your site and the search engines like lots of content. The content comes from what you yourself write about but also from what comments others leave in response to your posts. If you can manage to write as an authority in your subject/business area then others will find your content and ultimately your site when they search for related information online.

You can sign up for free blogs on the likes of and but its much better, if a little technical, to download free blog software and install it on your own site as I have done with this blog you’re reading. Its better to have the blog on your own site as it will improve your website hits and increase the chances of your visitors wandering around the rest of your site and perhaps buying your products or services.

Adding a blog to your site usually requires that you download some free blog software from, eg, (not to be confused with which is an online blog site only) and upload it to your website space using a web design program or ftp client software. You would then create a database to house it from your websites online control panel and run the installation script from your browser. This process can be tricky for most people even with the instructions provided but the benefits are that you have a complete blog system on your own site that you are in complete control of.

If you need help installing a blog give us a shout as we’ve done it many times!

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2 thoughts on “Add a Blog to your site”

  1. I think this is really good advice and something I am going to create a blog for my timeshare disposal service site, the question is do I use the current site which is based on WordPress or create a subdomain or even a seperate site. 


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