Named and Famed – Some of my Good Clients!

Regular readers of stuff I put out on blogs and social networks will know I moan a lot about non or late paying clients so hopefully this post will balance things up a bit! This is a list of my best clients, clients who pay deposits up front and balances when required and who are professional enough to know how to do business properly. They are mostly repeat clients too.

PS – if you are a client of mine and not on this list, it doesn’t mean I hate you. I’m just taking a selection here!

Thanks guys.

Following the Recession

Just spent most of last weekend joking about the recession with a visiting friend. Felt a bit guilty and it may sound a bit flippant with people beginning to endure real financial hardship but it seems you can’t turn on the tv or radio these days without hearing about the general doom and gloom. Continue reading Following the Recession

Recession Tips

I hate to mention the ‘R’ word, been trying to avoid talking about it as I reckon people are sick hearing about it at this stage. I know I am. I was thinking recently about some of the benefits of the current cr***t cr***h and as with all bad things in life there’s something to be learned or gained if you look hard enough! Continue reading Recession Tips

27 Weeks Baby Looking Good!

We’re getting there slowly but surely, Emer’s pain is manageable and we’re gettin to see more and more of what its all about. Seen the face at today’s scan and it was a moment that took us off guard as we didn’t think you could get such a realistic image on a 2D scan! Some nice 4D pics coming soon too I hope! Continue reading 27 Weeks Baby Looking Good!