Following the Recession

Just spent most of last weekend joking about the recession with a visiting friend. Felt a bit guilty and it may sound a bit flippant with people beginning to endure real financial hardship but it seems you can’t turn on the tv or radio these days without hearing about the general doom and gloom.

The jokes were basically mimicking the terms that people have been using incessantly for the last few months to describe the current <insert cliched recession description here>.

Mimicking is a common human trait and is with all of us from birth and its how we learn as babies. Its also what has most of earth’s population acting, talking, and dressing the same way and forming the same opinions as they soak up relentless TV, Radio, Print and Web media. I believe this is partly what caused this recession in the first place, people heard about it so much they just took it for granted.

Anyway, my friend and I chose to joke about it all last weekend as we blamed it for everything from the quality of dinner service to the temprature of the outdoor jacuzzi I frequent!

Heres some cliched recession descriptions I’ve noticed recently:


“Credit Crunch”.

“Current Economic Climate”.

“Extraordinary Times”.

“Economic Downturn”.

“Financial Crisis”.

Feel free to add your own in the comments!


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