David McWilliams in Carrick-on-Shannon

Went to a very interesting talk in The Landmark Hotel, Carrick-on-Shannon today by economist David McWilliams in which he “explained” the recession and outlined some possible solutions for getting out of it. Here are some of the main points I remember. Continue reading David McWilliams in Carrick-on-Shannon

Recession Boosts Cyber Crime

Another nasty spin off from our current financial apocalypse is the increase in Cyber Crime including Viruses, Phishing and Email Scams. With people more desperate for a deal or a quick buck, scammers have more chance of catching out someone so be extra cautious.

I’ve definitely noticed a change in direction of most of my email spam. Gone are the Viagra offers and in come ‘Easy Mortgages’ and ‘Credit’.The same golden rule exists now as always, “If its too good to be true then its just that”


Following the Recession

Just spent most of last weekend joking about the recession with a visiting friend. Felt a bit guilty and it may sound a bit flippant with people beginning to endure real financial hardship but it seems you can’t turn on the tv or radio these days without hearing about the general doom and gloom. Continue reading Following the Recession