Blog 1 Year Old!

Today, the Reverb Studios Blog is exactly one year old (heres my first post!) and its been a great year business wise for me. Whether the blog is responsible in some way or not I’m not sure but Blogging has been a great excercise for me in a lot of ways and its definetly brought more visitors to my site and increased my profile on the net. As of now, I’ve posted about 160 Articles in 13 different Categories and received about 180 comments from various visitors. I regularly get between 50 to 100 unique visits a day compared to about 5 to 20 this time last year!

Thanks to all Visitors and Contributors,


Blogging, SEO & Hits

Was just looking at my Google analytics stats for the last couple of years since I first set up analytics and I noticed something that could definitely be construed as proof that blogging benefits your website hits and general internet presence. See Below:! Continue reading Blogging, SEO & Hits