Recession Tips

I hate to mention the ‘R’ word, been trying to avoid talking about it as I reckon people are sick hearing about it at this stage. I know I am. I was thinking recently about some of the benefits of the current cr***t cr***h and as with all bad things in life there’s something to be learned or gained if you look hard enough!

The Cost of things:

I know certain things have gone up in budgets and the like in an effort to recoup money but some items are currently at great prices and may never be better! Heres a few if you’ve managed to save from the good ole times:

  • Cars.
  • Houses.
  • Interest Rates/Mortgages.
  • Lifestyle Gadgets.

Business Opportunities:

“Fortunes are made in bad times as well as good!” Businesses who get real in times like these and offer better value products and service will do well as customers and clients look for increasingly better value. Also, certain businesses may find themselves with more room in their market sector as their less stable competitors go bust.


Businesses will be forced to streamline their operations in an effort to save money, cutting wasteful practices and energy usage. Old style blatant marketing techniques will not work any more as people resist being ‘sold’ to. This should force many companies to adopt a more ‘honest’ approach.

Every now and then it can be good for a failing system to get a good shock after which it can restart with a more regular heartbeat and healthier direction!

“omnia mutantur et mutantum est in illis”


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