Internet Use by the Old Aged

A recent report from scientests at UCLA suggests that internet browsing by the middle to old aged can significantly stimulate and improve brain function and reduce the risk of dementia. Most clients I meet in this age range miss no opportunity to tell me how useless they are with computers and how scared they get when anywhere near a pc but theres no evidence to suggest that these people are any less capable than the rest of us when it comes to learning how to use new technology so get surfing and stop being scared oldies!

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3 thoughts on “Internet Use by the Old Aged”

  1. Nothing at all to do with age, there are young people out there who don’t use computers.

    I’m only 65 and am on my fourth computer, now looking to buy a new imac.

    I have a lot of friends onmy email list who are both younger & older than me.

    The reason may just simply be that some people have enquiring minds & others don’t


  2. I have just read that article about middle to old aged folk not using a pc. I am 65 and am on my fourth computer, the first three were PC’s that fell into dust 😉 am now on a imac & shall shortly be getting a new one – hurrah!

    Several of my email friends are of my age group and older by 10 years we have fun.

    My 92 yr young Father-in-law was although not surfing the net, definitely reading up on computers & had selected a cell phone for himself – unfortunately he died 3 weeks ago.

    I have no idea why some people avoid using computers. It may not necessarily be a senior age thing at all, for their are a good many young folk (in their 30’s) out there who don’t use them either; perhaps it is a question of whether an individual has an enquiring mind?


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