Web Design Contract

I’ve been having some problems lately getting paid quickly (or at all sometimes) for work done. Unlike a lot of other design companies I’ve never asked for deposits or signed contracts up front, preferring instead to get started quickly on a project and give a client something to see and be impressed by. This has worked quite well for me and has speed up my whole process nicely. But perhaps it’s naive of me. Continue reading Web Design Contract

Google Analytics Services

I’ve been studying the more complicated aspects of the Google Analytics Website Statistical service recently and can now offer advanced help with instalation of this professional service for monitoring traffic to your Website or Blog. Continue reading Google Analytics Services

Website Marketing & SEO

Theres not much point in having a website unless people can find it and its bringing you business or busines leads at least. I constantly see websites or get re-design work for sites that have been built and neglected for years, with outdated design, content and copyright dates at the bottom! Continue reading Website Marketing & SEO

Photo Restoration & Editing Leitrim

Photo Restoration and Editing is something I do a lot of here.

I can offer the following * Digital Photo Editing services at affordable rates:

Photo Restoration:

We’ve all got a lot of printed photos from way back and unfortunately they degrade and fade over time and thats WITH proper care and storage! If you have old black & white or color photos that are gone sepia toned or faded or if they have scratches, fold marks or torn edges, I can scan them in or accept your own digital scans, and fully restore them for posterity.

Photo Colorization:

If you have an old black and white photo that you’d like to see in full color then send it in or send a a scan and I will apply your chosen colors.

Photo Collages/Montages:

Got a bunch of photos from a studio photo shoot or special occasion? I can arrange them in a nice collage with suitable background.

Photo Compositions & Editing:

A photo composition involves removing or adding objects or people from photographs. New backgrounds or locations can also be added or just about anything else you can imagine!

DVD & CD Slideshows:

I can arrange a themed group of photos in a video slideshow with zooms and transition effects accompanied by the music soundtrack of your choice. This is a very effective and modern way of viewing your photos and will last longer than traditional printed photo albums.

* Printing is not a service I currently offer.

For samples view the Graphics page on the main Reverb Studios site.

To upload your photos for processing, click HERE.

For other photographic work not mentioned here, please contact me – most things can be done!