Chrome Extensions for Web Designers

I stalled on using the Google Chrome browser for quite a while because of my dependency on Firefox plugins despite me hearing how great and how quick it was over other browsers. I’m happy to report now that there’s quite a lot of extensions for Chrome these days, especially for web designers and developers. Here’s a few I can’t live without:


BuiltWith Technology Profiler

Shows a list of technologies and frameworks used in the website you’re on, ie php, css, etc..


Web Developer

Enables all sorts of overlays and functions helpful while building a site or analyzing an existing one’s structure.



Similar to Web Developer above but a bit simpler and more pared down.


Firebug Lite

A Lite version of the popular Firefox website inspection tool.


Analytics Helper

Detects via the address bar if Google Analytics is installed on a web page and provides the “UA” ID on hover.


PageRank Status

Provides info on Google PageRank, Site Location, IP address, Bing & Yahoo backlinks, etc..


META SEO Inspector

Shows META/SEO info on a site.



Identifies the Font used on a website or certain sections of a page.


Window Resizer

Show how a site looks in different window sizes and resolutions. Create you own sizes.


View Background Image

View the background image of a site or page element via the right-click content menu.


Site GEO IP Locator

Shows the location of a site’s hosting server.


Image Properties Context Menu

Adds an “Image Properties” entry to the right-click context menu which shows info about a website image such as dimensions, filesize etc.


Google Global

Runs a Google search through Google Ireland, UK, USA, Canada or Australia.


Chrome Sniffer

Shows used website technologies and frameworks in the address bar. Named on hover.

And some cool non-web design related extensions too:


Rapportive for Gmail

Finds a person’s social network profiles and other info about them based on their email address and lets you connect with them from within Gmail.


RSS Subscription

This adds an RSS identifier and subscription button to Chrome cause it still doesn’t have it’s own by default!


Screenleap for Gmail

Share your computer screen through Gmail.



Right click links in Facebook etc and choose “Unsocialize” to avoid having to go through apps to see content.

You’re welcome.


Web Designer Versus Client

Every now and then a situation comes up for me whereby a web design client will question a website graphical element or logo I’ve designed and suggest something different.

Fine normally, I’m open to different views and criticisms but what if they want something that is clearly wrong or what if they presume to know better than me even though they’ve presumably hired me for my expertise!?

Should I stand my ground or let the client ruin the site and have my name on crap? Is the customer always right?

Vote now..