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Website design or installation is what I do most of the time and probably what I know best! Reverb Studios has built and installed more websites since January this year then in the 2 years previous, about 26 to be exact, so we have had good practice lately!

You’ll probably think this is something I should be saying since I’m in the business and looking for business but if you have any kind of company or wish to increase the possibility of generating income by any means or for any reason then you can’t afford to not have a website, especially in this day and age.

A website allows you to communicate exactly how you want to with your existing customers and potential ones and theres no limit to the amount you can say or how well you can say it. And say it with text, photos, video, audio, etc..

When you compare a website with a more traditional form of advertising such as the yellow pages where you get a few lines of a classified for over a grand a year and only to a local or national at best market, a website allows you to say/show as much as you want and its available 24/7 to anyone on the planet who has a computer and internet connection and that figure/market is getting way to high to ignore!

Anyway, heres what I can do for you if you need a site:

  • Recommend and purchase a domain name or website address for you.
  • Organize professional hosting for your site.
  • Setup professional email addresses based on your domain above.
  • Build the site for you according to your tastes.
  • Include or design your company logo.
  • Install a Content Management System (CMS) so you can edit the site yourself, simply.
  • Add your content.
  • Train you how to use the CMS at your place of business.
  • Add extras such as Contact Forms, Newsletters and Multimedia.
  • Provide Search Engine Optimization to help your site get noticed in the search engines.
  • I do all of this VERY affordably!

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Leon Quinn

Multimedia Design company in Leitrim, Ireland specializing in WordPress Website Design, Photoshop and Graphics. www.reverbstudios.ie

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