My Perfect Twitter Client Please

Twitter is running on my PC all day (and on the iPhone when I’m away) and I dip in and out constantly but my head is wrecked trying to find a Twitter app that has all I need. Lots come close but all let me down in one crucial area. I’ve tried the following:

  • Website – No alerts. Feature light.
  • Hootsuite – No notifications for replies, dm’s only. Slightly slow as it runs in a browser. No visual marking of read/unread tweets. No sync with iPhone.
  • Twhirl – Buggy. Keeps showing tweets as unread on startup. No Reply all. No iPhone app.
  • Echofon – Almost featureless Firefox plugin.
  • Tweetdeck – Too large a footprint on the PC and hard to read.
  • Twitteriffic – No PC client.
  • Tweetie – No PC client.
  • Seesmic – No iPhone client. No Multiple accounts. No lasting highlighting of unread tweets.
  • TwitBird – No PC client.

Here’s a list of specs I’d like to see:

  • NB Proper syncing between Desktop and iPhone versions of the same client. I really need stuff I’ve already read on the PC to be marked read on the iPhone app and vice versa.
  • Ease of use and visually minimalist.
  • Fast.
  • Highlight unread and Reply tweets.
  • Scroll to first unread tweet.
  • Control over notifications, ie – audio & visual push alerts.
  • Preview Short url’s.
  • Multiple accounts.
  • Select account to tweet from on each new tweet.
  • Show quick profile, stats and follow/unfollow links.
  • Quick links to Reply, DM users.
  • Favorite following.
  • Auto shortlinking.
  • Tweet audio, video and photos.
  • Tweet and link stats.
  • Text compression.
  • Sync with Outlook address book.
  • Filtering – see replies, dm’s only.
  • Auto suggest Twitter handles and Hashtags when composing.
  • Advanced search for tweets and Profiles.
  • Geotagging.
  • Send to Facebook, Linked, etc..on each new tweet.
  • Schedule tweets.
  • iPhone Autosave on exit.
  • Conversation Threads

Please correct anything I may have got wrong above or point me to my ideal Twitter client!