The SEO Implications of Moving or Changing your Website

For owners of existing or well established websites, the need may arise to make considerable changes to the site, either as a result of a New Company Name and Domain, a required Site Facelift or a change of Site Structure, perhaps with the addition of a Content Management System, or just a change of Hosting Company. Heres some things to look out for. Continue reading The SEO Implications of Moving or Changing your Website

Quoted on SEO site!

I’m proud to have a few of my words quoted on renowned Keyword and Search Engine Optimization site My words were taken from a comment I left on an interview with Peter Kent, author of SEO for Dummies in which he lambasted Web Designers for not having a clue about SEO. I disaggreed! Continue reading Quoted on SEO site!

Website Marketing & SEO

Theres not much point in having a website unless people can find it and its bringing you business or busines leads at least. I constantly see websites or get re-design work for sites that have been built and neglected for years, with outdated design, content and copyright dates at the bottom! Continue reading Website Marketing & SEO

Website Grader SEO Tool

Came accross which is a free online tool/website for grading or providing a search engine optimization report for your website. I like it if only for the reason that it gave my site a great score! Shows I’m on the right track at least! Continue reading Website Grader SEO Tool

Important info on WordPress comment links

I’m sad to say that following some research done just now I’ve found out that posting comments on other people blogs, (specifically blogs powered by wordpress) just so you can have a link back to your own site is kinda useless. Well on most WordPress blogs at least. Continue reading Important info on WordPress comment links

Blogging, SEO & Hits

Was just looking at my Google analytics stats for the last couple of years since I first set up analytics and I noticed something that could definitely be construed as proof that blogging benefits your website hits and general internet presence. See Below:! Continue reading Blogging, SEO & Hits