WordPress Review

About this time last year I set about looking for some way of easily giving my web design clients what they craved – a simple, quick and cheap way of maintaining their own websites without resorting to buying expensive software, learning web design or paying me a fortune to maintain the site for them, something I’d rather not do anyway! Continue reading WordPress Review

JumbleTown FREE Stuff

Heres a cool Irish site for people looking for cheap stuff (FREE actually!). Its called www.JumbleTown.ie and if you have anything you would dearly like to get rid off or just don’t have the space for and you just want someone to come take it away then this is heaven. Theres lots of great deals too, you just have to make arrangments to go collect whatever it is you want and its yours for nothing!


iPhone Review and Problems

The iphone from Apple is the latest must have gadget for those of us who are ‘gadget must have types’. Its basically a VERY nice looking and stylish new phone and its sold millions within the first year of its release. In fact its the fastest selling consumer electronic item of all time. I’ve even re-modelled my main site www.reverbstudios.ie to look like one! Continue reading iPhone Review and Problems