Nintendo Wii Review

I’m sure a lot of you will be aware of the hype surrounding the new(ish) games console the Nintendo Wii. Perhaps you were one of the many frustrated people including myself who couldn’t get one for love nor money last Christmas.

Anyhow, I recently played one in a friend’s house (we’re both over 30 but so what!?) and it lived up to all my expectations. Great fun was had by all and while I don’t really like pain too much I have to say that the soreness in my underused muscles the next morning after boxing, bowling, baseballing & golfing for most of the night re-inforced my belief that not only is this a fantastic machine but it could possible benefit the human race greatly!

We all know how bad it is for our kids to be stuck in front of a tv playing games all day when they should be out running around, socialising and getting fit. Amazingly, this console is all the fun they’ll need AND gives them a workout at the same time!

I am now seriously considering going on the hunt for one again after convincing myself it wasn’t worth the hassle last Christmas. We still havn’t got around to the usual post Christmas promise of getting fitter but using a Wii to do it might just make sense – with the right add-on accessories its a complete body workout!

If nothing else you can have endless hours of chuckles with bodily fluid innuendos!


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One thought on “Nintendo Wii Review”

  1. Nintendo wii has not given only fun while you are playing on it but it also makes your body fit with the work out at the same time. Entertainement and fitness at the same time, I mean that is remarkable thing and one should take advantage of its.


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