Yahoo Pipes

I’ve just discovered Yahoo Pipes which is another great new Web 2.0 service which allows you to build your own ‘pipe’ of multiple information/news sources and view it as one tidy RSS feed.

Ok to try to explain it further and simpler for those of you who would normally not consider creating your own pipe but going down to the local tobacconist for one instead , you go to the Yahoo Pipes website, signup for a free account or login if you have an existing yahoo email ID or email address and then click on ‘Create a pipe’. What this allows you to do is have fun dragging widgety stuff around on a sort of canvas and plugging in information (RSS feeds and web searches specifically) to each widget, then connecting them to each other and to a final ‘Output Pipe’ which goes and gets all the information from the various feed sources you plugged in and displays them as one.

Example: For the ‘Technology News‘ section to the right on this blog I created a pipe/feed which dragged Technology news stories from 3 different Irish Technology RSS feeds – filtered them down to show only feeds no older than 2008 and containing various keywords related to my blog and line of business and outputted the lot to a single highly relevant and currently topical list of feed posts. Handy eh!? Try it out..


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