WordPress Review

About this time last year I set about looking for some way of easily giving my web design clients what they craved – a simple, quick and cheap way of maintaining their own websites without resorting to buying expensive software, learning web design or paying me a fortune to maintain the site for them, something I’d rather not do anyway!

So having established that there was no easy way of adding content managment to an existing site, I googled “free cms software” and got introduced to the main players in the market, , namely: Joomla, Drupal, Simple CMS & WordPress.

The funny thing now as I look back was that even though WordPress appeared in my google search I didn’t cop that this was what it turned out to be, a free, downloadable piece of script that you could install at your domain name/website and use as a website builder/cms. Rather, I associated it with the hosted version at http://www.wordpress.com which I had been using and was impressed with for a few months previous.

After messing about with Joomla & Drupal and finding them way too complex and over the top for mine and my clients needs and after finding Simple CMS a little too simple, I continued my search, starting to feel a little disappointed. The SECOND I realized that there were 2 versions of WordPress, one of which I could use independantly of wordpress.com, I knew my atheist prayers were answered!

Heres a quick Feature list for this fantastic piece of web software, king of CMS and Blogging tools:

  • Add, Edit and Remove a limitless number of Pages & Blog Posts,
  • Install themes/templates in a matter of minutes, completely changing the look and feel of your site/blog,
  • Use purely as a website management tool and ignoring the Blog part,
  • Add external links easily,
  • Add link and blog categories,
  • Plugin integration to add almost any website functionality you can think of,
  • Automatic communication tools to communicate with other blogs,
  • Search Engine friendly – (Google loves WordPress!!),
  • Spam protection built in,
  • User Registration and multiple Authors/Editors,
  • Import Blogs from other popular blogging sites/platforms,
  • Text Formatting,
  • Add images, files, audio, video, etc..,
  • Add links,
  • Drag and drop widget/module layout control,
  • Ability to let users leave comments,
  • And a lot more..!

Try it – www.wordpress.org (not.com!)


Published by

Leon Quinn

Multimedia Design company in Leitrim, Ireland specializing in WordPress Website Design, Photoshop and Graphics. www.reverbstudios.ie

One thought on “WordPress Review”

  1. Good you found the WordPress script!

    I now recommend WordPress for everything! Many people think Joomla & Drupal when you say CMS, but actually, the WordPress blog script is the best CMS I’ve worked with!

    And you’re right… WordPress is Google-friendly.


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