Alexa Page Rank

I’ve been keeping an eye on my Alexa Page Rank lately (like a website top of the pops list!) and it seems to be lower every day. Droppin’ like a stone it is and I’m chuffed. A few months ago I think I was about 5 million or something and right now I’m 363,800th most popular site on the internet for both this blog and the main Reverb site. I reckon its all down to blogging and my increasing amount of incoming links. Still happy days!

New Style Switcher for Reverb Site

I’ve been torn recently between whether to continue to indulge my own preference for a dark coloured main Reverb Studios Site and most of the rest of the internet’s adoption of light coloured sites. I never liked to go with the flow and I reckoned if it looked good to me and was readable then leave it, no matter what everyone else said! Continue reading New Style Switcher for Reverb Site

Google Rank Alexa Rank

Yay – Finally got off level 3 in Google rank for the main Reverb Studios site! Makes me feel that little bit more important now that I’m 4. Also, since last week when my site was about the 1,000,050th most popular/important site on the internet according to Alexa, I’m now the 589,662nd most important – not sure what I’ve done to rise nearly half a million points in one week?? I might drop down again tomorrow but for the moment I’ll bask in the glory. Go on ye good thing..!!

Web Design Leitrim

I’ve registered the domain in an attempt to make it easier for local people in Leitrim to find my business and services online when they search for “web design leitrim”. It should also be easier to remember and easier to pronounce over the phone than “Weeverb Studios”! You don’t always realize when you’re picking a business name and starting up just how important it might be in the future! Hopefully it will help Google find me too!

I find that picking the right keywords for your web address and using a .ie if you’re in Ireland or with a mainly Irish market still helps get you to the top of Google results. Basically, pick a .ie web address with what you do and where you are contained within it. Web Design is what I do and Leitrim is where I am 😉


New Blog

From this week on I will be blogging on a more frequent basis, whenever I get a chance.

I hope to maintain a technology blog written in layman’s terms and explaining complicated aspects of the Internet, Web Optimization, Computers and anything else relevant. Hopefully I can help those of you out there confused by the technology rush..stay tuned!