Google and Yahoo, Partners?

Apparently the 2 biggest search engines/directories and 2 of the biggest companies on the planet are in talks about some possible merger. Its staggering to think of the size and power that any merged entity between these 2 giants could have and lots of groups are very unhappy at the prospect.

I’m not sure which camp I fall into. In general its usually not a good thing if any one company has a monopoly in any business sector as they can pretty much do and charge what they want and power can sometimes go to their heads. Many would site Bill Gates and Microsoft as an example of this! However in this case, Google already have most of the market covered and Yahoo the rest and has any body suffered?

People often ask me how Google make their money and I respond by mentioning their Pay per click advertising campaigns, paid for or pro versions of some of their software, etc.. but to be honest its hard to keep track of their revenue streams since they have their fingers in so many pies these days. Most people, me included only use Google for its basic functionality – searching the internet for information and I don’t pay them a cent for this service so I don’t see how any monopoly they might have would affect me but maybe I’m missing something?

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