Big IVF Week ahead

So we’re off back to bloody Galway again (sick of the place now..) at the crack of dawn tomorrow so the doctors can try to get some eggs from my partner. Its the furthest stage we’ve reached since we started treatment about 4/5 years ago in Dublin and its getting exiting but we have WAY more to loose than ever before.

This time we have invested a lot more time, emotion, effort and money than previously and my partner has been sniffing and injecting for what seems like an eternity and its all for this one make or break week. We face several crucial yes or no moments in the next week or 2.

  1. After the procedure to retrieve eggs will there actually be any?
  2. If eggs are present will they get on with my sperm and be successfully fertilised?
  3. If fertilisation occurs will the embryo insemination be successful?
  4. Will the pregnancy test 2 weeks later by positive or negative?

The further we get along the road the more is at stake, worst case scenario being success with all the stages above accept for the last most crucial one..I can’t even bare to think about the state we will both be in if it doesn’t work out. Its safe to say we will be taking a break from life for a while!

And if by some miracle it does work I will be crapping myself for 9 months. The things we put ourselves through!

Heres a startling fact that we keep coming across which gives me great grounds for pessimism – even for couples that don’t have fertility problems the chances of getting pregnant  are only in the 30%’s max.


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9 thoughts on “Big IVF Week ahead”

  1. I always look at these statistics and wonder how we have 6 bloody billion people on the planet or how I have 7 brothers and sisters.

    That’s actually a very good question. My amatuer research has no answer anyway. The fact the raw materials are brought right together increases the odds perhaps.
    When they are left to their natural state they maybe don’t get to come together as often.

    No idea.

    fingers for ye crossed though.


  2. The odds are not good for anyone never mind the likes of us. My partner made an interesting point last night – how come embryos can grow in a dish easily enough and not in their natural environment!?


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