Hootsuite Social Media Manager Review

I think I’ve tried most social media apps for phone and desktop at this stage and was happily using one particular one for ages when it suddenly dropped support for Facebook so off I went to look for another one. My requirements were simple enough. I needed to be able to update multiple social networks and profiles at once, mainly the different Twitter and Facebook profiles I manage. I needed a desktop or browser plugin version and I needed it to run without bugs, be intuitive and easy to use and be free. After a long enough search I settled on Hootsuite. Here’s my review.

Hootsuite Features:

  • Multiple Social Network Management,
  • Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Foursquare, WordPress,
  • Social Profile Analytics,
  • Scheduled Posts,
  • Update multiple social networks at once,
  • Teams and In-Company Communication (Pro only),
  • Pull in and re-post RSS feeds,
  • URL shortening,
  • iOS & Android apps,
  • Browser apps/plugins (Chrome & Firefox).

You can add 5 different *social profiles in the Free version which will probably be enough for most people but I’ve upgraded to the PRO version at about €7.70 per month to get 50 social profiles and extra reporting/analytics features.

* A social profile includes for example 1 Twitter account or 1 Facebook page OR personal profile etc.. A single Facebook account with personal profile and multiple pages does not count as just 1 profile.

Standout Features for me:

  • Nice layout,
  • Easy addition of new Tabs and Streams,
  • Posting to multiple networks simultaneously,
  • Android app syncing,
  • Analytics,
  • Track brand/keyword mentions,
  • Hootlet (Chrome plugin that lets you share a url you’re on via Hootsuite).

Here’s how my Hootsuite desktop app looks:


Sign up for a free trial of Hootsuite Pro and check it out..

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