Bartering and Service Swapping: Swap Your Service/Product for Web & Graphic Design!?

Quite regularly over the last few years I’ve done work for people in exchange for services or goods and was happy to do so. While good hard cash is always nice and a bit necessary to pay bills etc, swapping services can sometimes get me and my clients out of a hole. To date I’ve done Web and Graphic design work in exchange for Teeth Whitening, Legal Services, Tax & Accounting, Surveying, Cakes, Gadgets, a few Pints, Vet visits  and sometimes just for a shout out or recommendation on the likes of Facebook or Twitter!

At the min I’m open to swapping for the following services/products, mostly house related as there’s a lot of stuff needs doing in our new house:

  • Wooden Decking,
  • Paving,
  • Gravel,
  • Building,
  • Woodworking,
  • Outdoor Roofing,
  • Cleaning,
  • Stoves,

Feel free to suggest your service or product and I’ll see if I need it!


Published by

Leon Quinn

Multimedia Design company in Leitrim, Ireland specializing in WordPress Website Design, Photoshop and Graphics.

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