Photoshop Passport Template

I’ve just had to renew my own Irish passport and found the whole process way more difficult than it should have been. The trickiest bit was to do with the photos you need to include, paying attention to your position in the photo, it’s size, your demeanor, etc…mental! You can probably get one easy in a supermarket photo booth but I wasn’t sure it would conform to the specs and why pay if you can do it yourself!? You’ll get it exactly right and avoid a return/rejection if you use my template file below.


The file below conforms to the dimensions and layout as described in the photo guidelines section of the passport application document, available from your local post office. It will require a copy of Photoshop and some ability to use it of course.

Simply drag/resize a photo of yourself into my template within the guidelines and print actual size on A4 photo quality (glossy) paper.

Download Photoshop Passport Photo Template

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Leon Quinn

Multimedia Design company in Leitrim, Ireland specializing in WordPress Website Design, Photoshop and Graphics.

6 thoughts on “Photoshop Passport Template”

  1. Thank you so much this is perfect. Really appreciate you sharing your template to make others lives easier.


  2. Thanks a million, really helped me out! Now hoping the passport office aren’t in a bad mood when they get my application..


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