Content Scraping or Aggregation?

First, some definitions, in my own words:

Content Scraping

A largely illegal and often insidious attempt to rob, harvest or duplicate information from another website without permission in an attempt to avoid the effort involved in creating great manual content and generate income, usually ad based.

Scraped sites would not typically acknowledge the originator or location of the scraped content.

Content Aggregation

A gathering and organising of various sources of relevant information from different websites into a central area, usually via importation of RSS feeds. Such sites are considered helpful to visitors in that they contain all the information required in one place without the need to trawl the net. Aggregation sites tend not to be ad or commercial heavy.

Aggregated sites should acknowledge the author and location of the content they import.

Google has recently said that it will downgrade ‘content farm’ type websites where most of the content is not original and is automated in some way. I worry that they may not make a distinction between the above two types.


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2 thoughts on “Content Scraping or Aggregation?”

  1. Yes, I know this kind of illegal is going on each website.. People just do not want to put their effort instead they just copy the contents of other people, this is disgraceful. Thanks for sharing. Android apps developers


  2. I know people who have business websites who had to use photos of their client’s products on their site but I think they got a bashing. They lost about 500 visitors per day to their website recently. These photos were meant to be copies because the client wanted the webmaster to use his pictures. They think they might be in trouble because they have used their client’s material and did not do their own.


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