PC Love

Things I’ve done with my Computer

I feel I owe it to my beloved PC to tell the world of the many great opportunities it has given me in life!

I bought my first ever PC on August 22nd 2002 in the now long defunct Compustore on the Long Mile road, Dublin (€1,400!! WTF?) and after having not touched one in 7 years since I left college, jumping from Windows 3.1’ish to XP, I done well to get it out of the box, connected together and booted.

Here’s what I proceeded to do with it..

Met A Girl

The first thing I done on boot up was to connect to the internet of course. On dialup. The first page I seen was the Eircom home page since that was my ISP and I spotted an ad for an online dating site and decided to join for the crack. I met my current partner in the site’s chat room and we’re now engaged with 2 daughters and buying a house together!

Made Music

In 2002 I was an avid songwriter and musician and the actual reason I wanted a pc in the first place was to use it to record music. I got hold of Cubase and went mad with it recording, mixing and mastering a whole pile of bizarre self penned toons at pro studio quality.

PC Love


The 2 consistently coolest programs I’ve used since I got my computer were Cubase above and Photoshop. Teaching myself complex software like them gave me a great sense of accomplishment and the confidence to explore the full potential of the pc and even start an IT business.

Made Money

I’ve been making money and running a full time business largely via my computer since about 2005 and still can’t believe that I can sit practically motionless for hours on end in front of my screens and complete projects for clients all over the world.

Gained Knowledge

I personally can’t remember how I found information before I got connected to the web. Was it a trip to the local library or something!? The amount of information and answers available today in a matter of seconds via Google etc..is incredible. There’s almost nothing you can’t know instantly. That’s powerful.

Gained Respect

I constantly get people asking me about their computer issues and calling me a genius (not even nearly true!) for being able to sort things for them. Nice feeling. It’s still rocket science to most people.


Every day I communicate with people all over the world in all kinds of different ways via the internet, gaining friends, knowledge, business and having a laugh. Not bad for someone who never said a word to anyone for most of my teenage years!

Lets hear it for computers…hip hip…



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