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Social Media Marketing Plans

I don’t have one of these and probably won’t ever have one! Social media companies and gurus would tell you that before you embark on any marketing ‘campaign’ on Facebook, Twitter, etc.. that you should plan things out to maximize the benefit. Plan how often you’re going to post, what you’re going to say, who you’re going to say it to, what manner you’re going to use, etc.. The advice would probably be to ‘provide valuable content while selling yourself’ or ‘remain professional and corporate at all times, use ‘keywords’ in everything you say to capitalize on Google’s newish ability to index content from the social networking sites.

They’ll recommend that you use all kinds of tricks to get more followers or to setup automated tweets for new followers or scheduled posts for when you’re not there to make it seem like you are. All kinds of analytical tools to measure your success or ‘ROI’ (return on investment) will be suggested. Software programs that ‘do all the hard work for you’ will be pimped.

Blah, blah, blah….already I’m bored, confused or overwhelmed!

My simple advice is to be ‘Organic’ and natural. Just get on Facebook and Twitter and make friends. Not cynically but make real friends, interact with people, joke with them and have fun. Be real. Be funny, Be outspoken even. Get your personality out. Post pics of your kids, it may be totally irrelevant to the service/product you provide but everyone loves a cute kid pic and it will help endear people to you and highlight a common experience!

It’s a hell of a lot easier and more fun to be real too. And I think people prefer to buy from real people or people they like rather than a nameless, faceless corporate entity. And if not, sure you might make a few valuable friends or acquaintances anyway! Never a bad thing.

PS – They’ll probably also recommend that you should use ‘them’ to run your campaign for you. I’ve never understood how one or more people, not of your company could possibly market your company for you somewhere like Facebook or Twitter where interaction is all important. I certainly wouldn’t trust anyone to speak for me!



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12 thoughts on “Social Media Marketing Plans”

  1. I just prefer that if your product is not a brand then make account with your self name and then start to make friends, join groups and have fun with users under your niche. Ask question and Answers them that what they are looking for right now. You should have community page for your niche that will helpful users who would have liked your page and also for in the groups you joined.


  2. I think organic is the way to go in every aspect of life, business/marketing included! While I do think a tentative plan is necessary, it should be for the right reasons. You make a plan so that you can break it right? : )


  3. I agree with you whatever u said.
    I think the main issue is just that to know what users are questioning about your brand/product or services then interact with them. participate in the topic and answer and like the comments.


  4. Agree with some of that. However any of the people working in social media that I know do not implement on behalf of clients – it just doesn’t work and contradicts the requirement for authenticity. The same people will not be talking to you about automation or software tricks.

    Could be you have had contact with a different group, I am sure they exist 🙂



      1. What I mean is, one proper referral from someone you interact with and know a bit better is worth 1000 Twitter followers you’d get from a ‘Social Media’ campaign.


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