Mohill Railway Station Leitrim Then and Now

I have Google alerts set to alert me whenever Mohill or Leitrim is in the news and one came in last week for old photos of Mohill Railway station for sale on eBay by an Australian seller of all things! The auctions were fairly high quality old photos from about 1950 looking from both ends of Mohill at the old railway station. All photos were from about the 1950s.

I loaded them on my phone and went out one fine day (it’s only around the corner from where I live) to take some modern day photos from as close to the old photo angles as possible.

I went back to the office and loaded each set of then and now photos in Photoshop and aligned them best I could before masking out certain sections to merge then and now versions in some meaningful way. Finally I added some adjustment layers above everything to improve levels, colour and contrast..

The Old Photos:

The New Photos:

The Results:

Living and Working in Leitrim

Myself and my partner moved to Leitrim from Dublin (Kimmage & Tallaght) in August 2003. She used to live there briefly as a child and her family have been coming boating on the Shannon for years. We were helping her father find a house to buy and we spotted a very nice one for him lakeside in Jamestown, a cute little village 2/3 miles from the epicenter of Leitrim, Carrick-on-Shannon. Continue reading Living and Working in Leitrim

Oops I’m a Moan!

I just noticed, out of all my blog categories this one ‘On a Positive Note!’ is the most neglected with a paltry 2 posts. So before anyone gets the impression that a man with my undoubted positive mental attitude and zest for life and happiness is nothing but a cynical old moany fart, I should talk about something positive. Continue reading Oops I’m a Moan!