Make a 3D Image in Photoshop

I was surprised to find out recently that making 3D Anaglyph images, ie – old style Stereoscopic, Red & Cyan as opposed to the modern Polarized type of effect used in the likes of Avatar, was really pretty straightforward and quick.

Here’s how:

  1. Get a proper camera, (not phone!) and take 2 images of any object from the same position using the viewfinder. One with each eye,
  2. Import both photos into Photoshop and copy and past the image taken with the right eye into the image taken with the left eye so that they both overlap exactly,
  3. Double click the Right eye layer to open up the Blending Options screen and turn off the Red Color channel under “Advanced Blending” as below:
  4. Blending Options
  5. Select the Left eye layer and use the Move tool to align the image to whichever Focal point you prefer to make that point the focus of attention.
  6. DONE!

Get hold of some 3D glasses and view the result! Here’s my effort:

3D Office