Where The Streets Have No Name, Kinda!

Dug this recording out of an old pile on the computer. It’s me, Karl and Frank from about 2005 in Leitrim. We intended to record the whole U2 song properly but something went funny just after the start. It became an epic, delay laden instrumental with Asian influences and manic laughing!

It’s 13 mins long but bare with it, it’s funny near the end… We were sober, honest..

Add PDF or File Download to WordPress

I’m regularly asked how to add a link to a downloadable PDF file for companies wishing to circulate brochures or pricelists etc via download from a website. The tutorial below works for any downloadable file whether it be a PDF, Word Document, Audio file, etc..

Resizing Images for the Web or Email

Getting photos onto a web page is a common but tricky process. You can’t just take a photograph off a digital camera and upload it or email it to someone because chances are it will be too large and take for ever. Heres a tutorial on how to resize an image both physically and file size wise using the freely available Pixresizer software available from bluefive.pair.com/pixresizer.htm